Dallas Works Memorial - Plant History

Dallas Works logos 1969 - Construction starts on 784,000 sq. foot Western Electric plant at 3000 Skyline Drive in Mesquite, TX. 1969 - Supervisors transfer down from other W.E. locations to hire employees and set up production. Frame testers begin training in basement of telephone building. 1970 - Pilot Plant setup in building about a mile from the plant and production starts on ESS equipment. 1970 - Occupying the new Mesquite Plant. 1975 - ESS production and employment increase to record levers. 1978 - Dallas Works wins SEDEH and Safety Award. 1984 - AT&T divested of its 22 Bell System companies. 1984 - Production switches from ESS equipment to power products. 1986 - Second floor added to plant building for Bell Labs. 1988 - Plant transformation to "World Class Facility". (Before) (After) 1992 - AT&T Power Systems wins the Shingo Prize. 1992 - AT&T Power Systems in Dallas achieves ISO-9001 Registration. 1994 - AT&T Power Systems wins Deming Award. 1996 - Lucent Technologies Inc. (spun off from AT&T) takes over Power Systems. 1999 - Mesquite plant sold to Tyco. 2001 - Announcement of plant closing on October 11, 2001 2002 - Tyco closes Mesquite plant. 2005 - AT&T merges with SBC. 2006 - Lucent merges with Alcatel, a France-based competitor. The company is named Alcatel-Lucent, based in Paris 2007 - Tyco to sell power systems to Gores Group LLC. 2008 - Power systems changes to Lineage Power. 2008 - Plant building sold to a group to renovate it into a data storage center. 2009 - Part of plant renovated. After all the employees are moved out, work will start on the rest of the plant. The Bell Labs top floor will be torn down and the plant will be divided into four data storage centers. The exterior of the plant will be also be updated. 2009 - "Goodbye to Skyline Dr." Celebration - keys to the building are turned over to Cap Star Communications 2009 - Lineage Power moves from old plant to new location in Plano. 2011 - G.E. to acquire Lineage Power. 2015 - Nokia announced a $16.6 billion deal for Alcatel-Lucent. 2016 - Nokia gains control of Alcatel-Lucent. 2018 - G.E. Lineage Power is now ABB. 2023 - Canadian solar panel company chooses Mesquite plant. Power units Products manufactured at the Dallas Works. History of the Dallas Works