Dallas Works Memorial - Photo Album The Early Years (Western Electric) - Page 1

dwpic057 Construction of Dallas Works plant in 1970 Photo courtesy of Charlie Nix More pics of the construction

dwpic001 ESS Circuit Pack shop in 1971 Pictured: Boyd Tenenholz (Section Chief), Jeanette Hinsley, Nora Lyon, Fred Hillard, Geraldine Montgomery, Ray Wolverton, Judy Harrell, Patsy Patterson, Mac Jacoby, Barbara Morton, Betty Swindall, Ken Kepley, Margie Hornsby, Barbara Hardin, Sharon O'Neil, Cardine Wicks, Laura McDonald, Crystal Ogie, Carol Adams, Jim Sims (Section Chief), Clint Jones, Carol Mitchell, Pat Blackney, Gwen Simmons, Cliff Shew, Mike Canady, Dale Brewer, Pat Harris

dwpic002 Winners of the General Managers Safety Award in 1971

dwpic003 Mac Jacoby, Ralph Clay, Mike Northrup, & Mary Watkins in 1971

dwpic069 Plug-In Trunks in 1972

dwpic004 First Aid training: Dave Rostochil and wife, Suzi.

dwpic005 ESS Frame Test area: General Manager Mike Northrup, Mike Blades, Ken Turner, Marshall McKenzie & Luke Ward.