Dallas Works Memorial - Employees In Remembrance

I, MARTHA JANE SILBERISEN TANNER, was born June 7, 1933 in Rockport, TX. I died May 23, 2015 in Kaufman, TX. I am a fifth generation Texan and very proud of that! I am the daughter of James and Ozelle McLain Silbersen, who proceeded me in death. I have three siblings, two whom have proceeded me in death. My "Big Brother" John Silberisen and "Baby Sister" Joanne White. My "Big Sister" still surviving is Dorothy Wallace. My body is in the ground and my soul is in heaven. I have left you & I am not sad. Please do not to be sad for me. Life is for the living and should not be burdened with grief. I have far exceeded my expectations of life on this earth and I would not change a thing. We work our entire lives on earth for the one day to meet Jesus and to live for eternity. I am on my new journey now, do not shed a tear, I am rejoicing with Jesus this year. I proudly leave behind six children. My first son, James Douglas Peterson along with his wife Barbara from Terrell, TX. And his two children Lynn and Beth. Then my first daughter, Peggy Lynn Nix from Mesquite TX, and her three children; Charlie, Wayne, and Sonya. My Second daughter is Carol Lankford and her husband Michael "Curt" from Mesquite and their daughter Shaun Baker. My second son is David Wayne Peterson from San Antonio, TX & and his son Joey Peterson. My third son is Ronnie Keith Tanner and his wife Jill from Grand Saline, TX and their children April, Angie, Toye, Heather, and Chris. My fourth son is Johnny Allen Tanner and his wife Janet from Big Sandy, TX and their boys Jeremy, Joshua, & Justin. I spent my growing up years in Rockport, TX helping my father, Jimmy Silberisen, with his duck hunting club. I got married and moved to Taft, TX to start my family. In the early 60's I returned to Rockport and ran the Dairy Whip, which I enjoyed. I then migrated to Mesquite, TX where my husband and I started the first Whataburger. I retired after 12 years from Lucent Technologies Power Systems in Mesquite, TX. One of my favorite hobbies was going to my lake lot at "Pelican Bay" on Lake Cypress Springs. I also enjoyed many years on the bowling league for women and couples leagues, at Big Town Bowling in you Mesquite, TX. But most of all, my favorite was spending the holidays with my children and grandchildren. One of my biggest blessings in my later years is all my great-grandchildren, who consist of: Scott, Amelia, Grady, aurora, Skyler, Cheyenne, Rocky Jr., Mallory, Mason, Kasey, Jacob, Madeline, Kevin, Blake, Brice, Luke, Caleb, Cayden, Cole, Ryan, Christopher, Ana, Brooke, Jack, Tye, Grant, Nona Lee, Holden & Grey.