Dallas Works Memorial - Employees

Employees at the Dallas Works s List of employees who worked at the Mesquite Plant at one time. Note: Some employees worked for W.E., AT&T, Lucent, Tyco, or Lineage Power. List sorted alphabetical by last name. NA="information Not Available" WE="Western Electric" Select "decd" after a name to get more information. Updated: 06.04.2024 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z A Wayne Ray Abernathy (decd-2022) - technician, retired in 2001 John T. Abraham - AT&T 1991-1994 Raji Abraham - Lucent Michael Abshire - NA E. Acevedo - AT&T Antonio Acosta - Lucent Bob Adams (decd-2021 - WE, Department Chief Carol B. Adams - AT&T Dorothy Fuller Adams (decd-2017) - Expense Store, Stock Shop, 29 yrs. Johnnie Adams - retired in 1995 from AT&T Melba C. Adams - Lucent Frankie M. Adamson - Lucent Verduzco Adan - Lucent Jack Adrian (decd-2017) - WE, Tyco, 27 yrs. service Benny Aguilar - Lucent J. Gabriel Aguilera - Lucent Carlos Aguirre - NA Serhat M. Ahiskali - NA Priscilla R. Airheart - NA Richard Akerhielm - WE, AT&T, Lucent, Tyco, 1971-2001, retired from Lucent 2000, 29 years service Brandon Akers - Lucent Supera Akers - Lucent Javed Akhtar - Lucent George M. Alameel - Lucent Carol Alaniz - (now Carol Gardner) - works in Wylie Kristen Alaniz - Lucent Ray Albrecht - Lucent Ruben Alcala - Lucent Raul Alcantar - Lucent Barbara Aldrich (decd-2011) Danny Alexender - NA Justin Alexander - Lucent, left Tyco in 2002, now works for VeriCrest Financial as a foreclosure specialist Tammy Mahagan Alexander - left Tyco in 2001; became a senior accountant at Merit Energy until 2010 when she left to be a full-time Mom Celeste Allen - Lucent James Allen - Lucent Roy C. Allen - transferred to Tyco from LU, and was there forty-two days before moving to CA and working for Di/Dt, Inc., subsequently di/dt, Inc. was acquired by my present employer, Power-One, currently an FAE for Renewable Energy Products. Live in Carlsbad, CA Robert Allison - NA Jean Allman (decd-2010) - worked for WE and Lucent for 13 years (1970-1984), lived in Yantis TX Monte Allred - began career with WE in 1956 in the installation division as equipment installer and installation supervisor, transferred to WE Mesquite in 1969 as dept. chief of wired equipment, later was dept chief personnel, labor relations, plant maintenance & construction & customer service, transferred to American Bell International in 1975 in Tehran, Iran as Telecommunications Consulting Manager returned to the AT&T Dallas Works in 1978, transferred to AT&T Installation Manager in 1981, transferred to AT&T Network Engineering as engineering consultant to the GTE corporation 1985, retired from AT&T in 1996 with 40 years. of service, currently reside in Heath, TX Pedro Almaguer - Lucent Dorothy Almond (decd-1996) - retired after 20 years service Weldon Almond - NA Wayne Alvarez - Lucent David Amesquita - worked in maintenance Dana Amos - NA Charles "Eric" Anderson - retired in 2000 with 30 yrs. with Lucent, still retired and lives in Union Valley TX with wife Gayla Harriett Anderson - WE, AT&T, Lucent, & TYCO Ron Anderson - AT&T Rudy Anderson - NA Spencer Anderson - Lucent Rodger Andrew - NA Donna H. Angelbeck - NA Mike J. Angelbeck - NA Charloette Anstead - NA Cliff R. Anstead - NA Lewis Anthony - Lucent Diana Antony - Lucent Barry Arbetter - Lucent Carrol Archer - NA Frank Arellano - Lucent Jimmie Armstrone (decd) - retired in 1993 from AT&T Faye Armstrong - NA Lessie L. Armstrong - NA Ruby Hemphill-Armstrong - retired Harry Arnold (decd-2015) - Security Guard Harry Arriaga - NA Ron J. Arrington - retired in 1996 from AT&T Linda W. Arthur (decd-2012) Marcus Asbill - Lucent Dave L. Asbill - NA Billy Ashley, Jr. - Lucent James Ashmore - Machine Setter in BMP, 10 years at Frito-Lay, retired from there for 9 years before retiring from WhiteWave Aura C. Ashton - NA Bart Askew - NA Noble Atkins - NA Frances Atwood - Lucent Geneva Averett - retired after 20 years service Phyllis Avery - retired in 1995 from AT&T David E. Austin - WE, AT&T, Lucent, 1974-2001 Sylvia P. Ayala - WE, AT&T, Lucent, TYCO, 1977-2001 Josie C. Ayers - NA Raymond Azcue - NA Cheeto Azores - Lucent B TOP Harold Babitch - Lucent Alice Bachelder - NA Brenda P. Badgley - NA Bob F. Bailey (decd-2022) - AT&T, Lucent, Q.A. Joel P. Bailey - Lucent Darrel Baker - NA Daryl Baker (decd-2022) - Lucent, retired in 2016 Linda Baker - NA Frank Baldassarre - Q.A., retired in 1991 after 36 years service Debi Ballard - NA Charles B. Ballinger - NA Steve Ballinger - Lucent Larry Balsano - Lucent Donald Banks (decd-2011) - manager of WE/ATT Linda Banks - NA Ross A. Barajas - retired from Lucent in 2000, living in Phoenix Ariz. Nolen B. Barber - NA Karla H. Barker - NA Laverne Barker - worked at AT&T, Lucent, & TYCO (1970-2001) Denise M. Barnes - NA John Barnes - Lucent Helen Barnett - Lucent Lois Barnett (decd-2002) - WE 1969-1975, started in Pilot Plant Rick L. Barnett -Lucent James E. Barnett - NA Jim Barnwell - WE(Shreveport)69-76, AT&T(Denver)76-85, Dallas Works AT&T, Lucent 85-98 Patsy Barnwell (decd-2021) Garry Baron - Expense Store Joe Barreiro - 28 yrs. service Nelly Barreiro - retired in 1995 from AT&T Ramon Barreiro (decd) - retired in 1995 from AT&T Buster B. Barrier - retired from Lucent Mike Barry (decd-2001) Larry D. Barton - Lucent Delores M. Bass - NA Alice Batchelder - NA Don Bates, Sr. (decd-2016) - Assistant Manager in Engineering Kevin L. Bates - AT&T, Lucent, Tyco. 1990-2002. Big Dogs, Circuit pack, BMP. Living in Terrell, Tx, and working for L3 Communications in Greenville. Bryan Baucom - Lucent Carole Baucum - retired in 1996 Ron L. Bauman - NA Dacy Dionne Baxter - Lucent Don Baxter (decd-2011) - retired from Lucent Mary Ruth (Joyce) Baxter - Lucent Lewis G. Bayers - AT&T, 1990-1995 Pat C. Bayers - AT&T, 1990-1995, m. to Lewis Bayers Winnie Bealsey (decd-2012) - retired from WE J. Kevin Bean - started in 1991 at AT&T, Tyco, LeeMAH Electronics in Richarson William Minor "Bill" Beard - Lucent Sybil Beard (decd-1994) R.G. "Bob" Beauchamp (decd-2021) - retired in 1995 from AT&T after 43 yrs. Susan Becmer - Lucent Paul Bednav - WE from 1972 to 1981 in Q.A. William Bednar - NA Diana Beeler - Lucent Clay Begg (decd-1994) Dale J. Beizer Cynthia George Bell (decd-2010) Ken Bell (decd-2000) Kathy Bell - NA Louise Bell - NA Rod Bell - NA Wanda Bell - WE, AT&T, Lucent, Tyco Cristian Belteu - Lucent N. Belcher - NA Theresa Bellah - retired in 1995 from AT&T Steve Belson - NA Sandra H. "Sandy" Benat Shirley Benat - retired from Lucent in 1999 Marilyn Benavides - NA Irene Benoit - Lucent Edward Bentley - WE, Tyco, 24 yrs. 1977-2001 Edward Bentley II - WE, Lucent, BMP, >2001 Bob Benwitz - Lucent Thomas Beran - Lucent Mike Berger - Lucent Marcelo Berner - Lucent Brad N. Berry - NA Nell Berry (decd-2012)- cable forming, retired after 21 yrs. service Paul Douglas Bertucci - Lucent P. Beth - NA Mary Lou Betts - NA Ben Beyer - NA Lois Bible (decd) - retired in 1995 from AT&T Brad Biffar - retired in 1996 from AT&T, currently with HunTel Engineering in Blair, NE. LaVerne Bishop (decd-2017) - Mini-trunks Sandy Bishop - NA Marion P. Bize - AT&T, QA Manager, service 1985-1995, currently with Alcatel in Plano Annie Lillian Black - NA Byron Black - NA Sam Blackburn - retired in 1994 from AT&T after 31 years service Pat Blackney - NA Michael R. Blades (decd-2016) - WE, AT&T, 1970-1991 Barry Blair - Lucent Dennis E. Blair (decd-2019) Larry D. Blalock - NA Steve H. Blanck - Lucent Kathy Blonk (decd-2009) - Customer Service R.W. "Bob" Blonk - NA Steve D. Bloom - retired in 1996 from AT&T Ed Bloomer - Lucent Tine Blythe - retired in 1996 from AT&T James F. Bobo (decd-2017) - Lucent Greg P. Bocelle - NA Lupe V. Boisse - retired in 1990 after 16 years service Bryan Bomar - Dallas Works from 1976-1995, Back Plane Connectors, Stock Shop, retired in 1995 from AT&T, then worked for Vastar in Dallas then transferred with company to Houston, worked for Vastar 95-98 until Vastar was sold to an Atlanta, GA company, then joined Shell Energy 98-01, then Calpine Energy 01-06, then Enterprise Products 06-10 and now works for Direct Energy in Houston, TX and lives in Katy, TX with his wife and son. Pat S. Bomar - retired in 1996 from AT&T, East Texas Oscar Roy Bomer (decd-2008) - Lucent, 33 yrs. of service Casimiro Neto Bonaldo - Lucent Tony Bonasera - Lucent Lela Bond - retired in 1989 from AT&T Tommie Bond (decd-2006) - retired in 1989 from AT&T Robert A. "Bob" Bonn (decd-2013) - retired from Lucent Jim F. Bonner - NA Mary Louise Bonner - Lucent Yvonne Boomer (decd-2018) - retired in 1996 from AT&T, rehired at Lucent in 1997, retired with 30 years in 2000, worked for Tyco for 8 months, lives in Marion, IL. Sam Borzymowski - Lucent Ron Bouchard (decd-2014) - WE Mildred Bouldin - retired in 1996 from AT&T B.J. Bounds - NA Wanda S. Bounds - NA Fred Bowen - NA George F. Bowen - Lucent Linda S. Bowen - NA Patricia Bowers - NA Cindy Bowland - NA James M. Bowling (decd-2016) - WE, Lucent, retired in 1999 with 20 yrs. Wayne Bowman - Lucent Charles H. Boyce - Lucent Andrew C. Boyd (decd-2020) - AT&T, 30 yrs. Linda "Kathy" Boyd (decd-2002) Marshal Boyd - retired around 1995 from AT&T O.B. Jewel Boyd - NA Jim E. Boyer - Lucent Judy Boyett (decd-2012) - retired in 1995 from AT&T Ann Boykin - retired in 1996 Kimberley Boyko - Lucent Walt Boyko - Plant Manager, Tyco, retired in 2004 Jeff J. Boylan - NA Eddie Braddy - Lucent Sherry Bradford - Secretary Linda Bradley - Lucent Terry Bradley - WE, AT&T, Lucent, Tyco Janet Bradshaw - NA Ted Bradshaw - Q.A. Ron L. Braidfoot - NA L.D. Branch - member Technical Staff, retired after 32 years service Richard Brand - Lucent employee Harold Brandeberry (decd-2014) - retired engineer from WE Roger J. Brandt - NA Lou F. Branson - retired in 1996 from AT&T D. Brase - NA Maxine Brase - retired in 1995 from AT&T Velma Braughton (decd-2019) - Q.A. Marvin Breeze - NA Richard Breier - Lucent Dale Brewer - Circuit Packs Jerry Dale Brewster - retired in 1990 after 20 years service Ken Briggs - NA Nancy W. Briggs - Lucent Larry W. Briggs - NA Paul A. Briggs - 31 yrs., 15 in shop & 16 in Payroll, 08/1970-09/2001 Vic L. Brightwell - retired in 1996 from AT&T Maria Briseno - retired in 1995 from AT&T Doug Bristol - Lucent Rosalinda Brito - retired in 1995 from AT&T P. Broadway - Lucent Bruce A. Brock - Vice President & Chief Operating Officer, Lucent John D. Brock - NA Mike Brock - WE, AT&T, Lucent, Tyco Cris Brooke - AT&T, Lucent, Tyco, Lineage, GE, 1992-2016 Sue Brookins - Lucent Lee Brookman - Lucent Bonnie Brooks - Lucent Floyd Brooks (decd-2017) - Lucent, supervisor, Energy Systems Jill W. Brooks (decd-2006), retired from Lucent/Tyco after 30 years service Myra S. Brooks - NA Zefferine Broomsey - Lucent Larry Browder (decd-2008) - retired in 1996 from AT&T Angela K. Brown - NA Bishop Brown - NA Clayton Todd Brown - started in 1977, works for Tyco Cory Brown - NA Curtis Brown - Lucent David E. Brown - Lucent Don A. Brown (decd-2006), AT&T, Lucent, worked in QR Don Brown - AT&T, Lucent, worked in the storeroom Gail Brown (decd-2023) - Ferrod Sensors & Circuit Packs Helen Brown - WE, AT&T, Lucent, Tyco Kent A. Brown - NA James H. Brown - NA James W. Brown (decd-2006), retired in 2002 after 40 yrs. of service Janie Brown - NA Juanita M. Brown - NA Lois Brown (decd) - WE, AT&T, Lucent Mary Brown (decd-2009) - Transformer Shop Nancy Brown - NA P. Brown - NA Rodney Brown - Lucent Rose K. Brown - NA Rosemary Brown (decd-2010)- retired from Lucent Steve Brown - Lucent Todd Brown - NA Vickie Jo Brown - WE/AT&T/Lucent/Tyco, 1972-2002 Kenneth Browning (decd-2014) - WE, Lucent, 21 yrs. of service Regenia Browning - WE, AT&T, Lucent, & Tyco, 27 yrs. of service A.E. Brownlow (decd-2006), maintenance, retired from AT&T in 1989 Michael Browne - NA Wanda Bruer - Lucent Lezek Brukwicz - Lucent Mary Brunson - NA Brenda Bryant - Q.A., AT&T, Lucent, Tyco David C. Buchanan - NA Marie Buckner (decd-2009) - retired in 1990 from AT&T after 19 years service Gary Buckner - Lucent Richard F. Buford - NA LeRoy Bugg - NA Tu Bui - Lucent Gene E. Bunce - NA Jimmie Burchett (decd-2009)- retired in 1995 from AT&T Glenda M. Burdett (decd-2014) - AT&T, BMP Charles Burdick - Lucent Irma Burgess - retired in 1998 after 28 yrs. of service Lisa Burleson - Lucent A. Burns - NA D. Burns - NA H. Burns - NA Jim Burns - Lucent Ruth Burns - retired in 1990 after 18 yrs. service W. Burns - NA C.J. Burt (decd-1994) Dennis Burts - Lucent John Bush - Lucent Mark E. Bush - Lucent Mike R. Buskmiller - AT&T/Lucent 1989-2000, Tyco, left Lineage 2009 Peggy Butler - retired in 1995 from AT&T, started in 1970 at WE Larry Butler - service 1976-2002 Terri A. Butler - NA Steven M. Byram - Lucent Gary L. Byars - NA Joe J. Byrne (decd-2007) Vince Byrne - NA C TOP Maria M. Cadena - NA Dr. Charlie Cain (decd-2011) - Medical Director Lucille W. Cain - NA Rose Mikula Cain (decd-2005) - nurse at Dallas Works Dave Calderan - Lucent Sergio Calderon - Lucent Susan L. Calhoun - Lucent Barbara Callaway - worked 1972-1985, Human Resources Wanda Campbell - retired in 1996 from AT&T Michael Canady (decd-2016) - started in CP Storeroom at WE in 1970, over 30 yrs. service Douglas Ray Cannon (decd-2006), retired from Lucent after 27 years of service Barbara Cano - Ferrod Sensors, machine operator/machine sitter, Board Mounted Power, second shift, 1976 -2001 Alice Cantrell - NA Bobby D. Cantrell - NA Gloria Forman-Cantu - Lucent, 24 yrs. of service Paul Cappello - NA John Capps - Lucent Vickie L. Capps - Secretary for Q.A., now kindergarten teacher for DISD Martin Cardella - Lucent Jessie M. Carey - NA Michele Carey - Lucent (1991-2000) Richard E. Carey (decd-2011) Rick Caron - Lucent Dusty E. Carpenter (decd-2009) - transferred to Dallas Works in 1985, AT&T +Georgia Herron Carson - WE, AT&T, Lucent, 1970 to closing C. Carrell - Lucent S. Cartagena - NA B.E. Carter - Lucent Debbie Carter - NA Sue Carter (decd-2007), retired in 1996 from AT&T John W. Case - retired from Lucent in 2001, currently Director of Finance at Marlow Industries Richard Casebolt - Lucent Clifford Casey (decd-2003) - Q.A. Dept. Chief Keith Casey - NA Rich J. Casey - retired 1998 Bob Cassady - retired in 1995 from AT&T Mike P. Cassidy - NA Paul Casson - NA Sonia Castellanos - Lucent C. Castilleja - NA Angel Castillo - Q.A. +Robert "Bo" Catalano - Bell Labs, TYCO, Linegae, GE Ginger Cathey - began in Transportation 1970, then Engineering, Benefits, New Design, Production Control, Purchasing, and promoted to Management in 1990 as a scheduler, retired Jan 1996, presently lives in Mineola, contract tour director for Dan Dipert Tours. Bill Caughron - retired in 1989 from AT&T after 17 years service Irene Causey - Q.A. Frank Cavallaro (decd-2018) - AT&T, Lucent Ramon N. Cavazos - NA Judy Cavender - NA Alessandro Cervone - transferred to Dallas works from Bell Labs, Parsippany, NJ 1985, present at Lineage Power Cheryl Chaddick - retired in 1996 from AT&T David Chaddick - employee from 1976 to 1992 E. James Chaddick - Lucent Subhas Chalassani - Lucent Fred Chambers - retired in 1989 from AT&T after 30 years service Linda Chambers - retired in 2001 after 30 years service Rose Chamness - Lucent Charlie F. Champagne - Lucent David N. Champagne - NA Loretta Chance - retired in 2000 from Lucent, Tyco Maria Chapa - Lucent R. Wayne Chapman - retired in 2000 after almost 30 yrs., built home at Lake Fork near Emory, Tx. Sandy B. Chapman (decd-2020) - retired in 2000 after 30 yrs., built home at Lake Fork near Emory, TX Donna Chatham - retired in 1999 after 26 yrs. service Frank Chavez - WE, AT&T, Lucent, Tyco, Lineage Power, GE & ABB Lucent, Tyco, works for Lineage Power Charlene B. Cheatham - worked for WE/AT&T/Lucent/Tyco until 2001 then went to work for government, retired in 2020 Daoshen Chen - Lucent Qing Chen - Lucent Sange Chen - NA Sun Wen Cheng - Lucent Greg C. Childers - Lucent Nora Chisano - Lucent Teena M. Chrisley - NA Barbara S. Christian - Lucent Rosa Christian - Lucent Brad Christy - Lucent Richard Chung - Lucent Erin Cihak - NA Michael Cihak - Lucent Al Cioffi - NA J.J. Cioffi - NA John Clark - Lucent Sherryl Clark - WE, AT&T, Lucent, retired in 1995 from AT&T, now a psychotherapist working in private practice primarily with foster children, lives in Mansfield, TX Steve Clark (decd-2014) - AT&T, Lucent, VP-Sales Fay Claxton - Q.A., retired in 1995 from AT&T Ralph Clay - NA Linda Cleere - customer service, left in 1994-95 to open a beauty shop Sandy Cleere - began work in 1973 for WE & was one of the last 100 to leave from the Stock Shop, started in Ferrod Switches, then to Frame Wiring, next was the Storeroom when we were in the fenced in area in the middle of the plant, worked all the International Shipping orders, then moved to the back of the plant, drove a forklift unroll the plant closed 2001, then went to Richland College & went to work for Baylor Hospital as a coder & medical analysis, retired from Baylor in 2012. Bill Clements (decd-2009) - Merchandise, Customer Service, retired after 30 yrs. service Jeanette Clements (decd-2020) - Lucent, retired after 34 years of service Walter Clemments (decd-2009) - service from 1969 to 1989, production control Michelle Cleveland - Lucent Linda Clevenger - Ferrod Sensors I. Cline - NA Joyce Rel Cloud - NA Kenneth Cloud - Lucent Pat E. Cloud - NA Dick C. Coglianese (decd-2020) - retired in 1996 from AT&T Sheila Coker - NA Dot Cole (decd) Monty Cole (decd) - Frame Tester & Layout Operator T.O. Chuck Cole - NA Johnel Colbert (decd-2007) - Lucent Yolanda Cole - Lucent David Coleman - lives in Farmersville TX Gayle Coleman - NA Sadie Y. Collard (decd-1992) - Circuit Packs Stacy Collard - AT&T, daughter of Sadie Collard Eddie Collier - Lucent Edgar Collins - NA Harold Collins - retired in 1990 after 20 years service Jackie Collins - Lucent Joe Warren Collins (decd-2019) L.R. Collins - retired in 1996 from AT&T Tony Collins - Lucent W. David Collins - Lucent Jan Collinsworth - Lucent Tim R. Collinsworth - NA Curtis Combs - Lucent Joyce Comstock (decd-2011) - retired in 1988 after 19 years service Richard L. Conger C. Conley - NA Janice Conley - Lucent Steve Conley - NA Emmit Conn - 31 yrs. service (worked on dock, storeroom, QR, machine setter) Mary Conner - NA Elmer Constien (decd-2019) - retired in 1989 from AT&T after 29 yrs. Tim F. Conway - NA Darla Cook - NA Jerry Cook - Lucent Tammy Cook - NA Rusty Coones - Lucent Ann (Harris) Cooper - NA Allan A. Cooperider Pete Corbett - NA Merlene Corley (decd-2002) Jerry Cornelius - Lucent Jerry Cornish (decd-2010) - 30 yrs. service with WE/Lucent Antonio Coronado (decd-2008) - retired from Lucent in 2001 Roel D. Cortez - NA Gerald Costner - retired in 1990 from AT&T after 28 yrs. service Pat Costner - Q.A. Raymond Cote - Lucent J.P. Couch - NA Randy Couch - Lucent, left in 2001 Ron Couche - Lucent Pearlie Coulter - retired in 1995 from AT&T Robert Cowley (decd-2019) - Composite Master Machinist, Technician, Machine & Equipment Mechanic, 1969-70 Gary Cox - NA Maxine Cox - retired in 1991 from AT&T after 21 yrs. service Peggy Cox - NA John Craddock - transferred from Mockingbird plant went to Profits aera Richard Crane (decd-2018) - WE, AT&T, Lucent, 1970-retired 2000, Q.A. Ben D. Cranor - joined WE in 1977, left to start own business in 1993, now a college professor at TAMU-Commerce teaching industrial technology. Julian Crawford - Lucent Alice Crear (decd-2020) Bobbie Crecelius (decd-2020) - retired in 1995 from AT&T Patsy W. Creech (now Logan) - lives in SE Texas Jose Crespo - Lucent F. Crocker - NA Jeff Cropp - NA Joani Cross - Lucent Martha Cross - NA George A. Crossland (decd-2021)- retired in 1996 from AT&T Jana Browning Crossland (decd-2023)- Lucent, 5 yrs. Ruby M. Crossland - NA William Carl "Bill" Crossland (decd-1994) - Security Guard, 15 years service Carole Crouch - NA Les Crouch (decd-2020) - engineer Judy C. Crow - NA James E. Crowder - started at WE in 1977, left for 1 yr. in 1989, Lucent, & Tyco Kenneth Crowe - WE, AT&T, Lucent, Tyco Terry Crowe - WE, AT&T, Lucent, Tyco John Cuellar - Lucent Joyce Cullum - started at WE in 1971 in Dry Relays, worked in RSS, Procat Fast- Line, Sensors, Field Repair, Genesis, Energy Systems, worked as a process checker, material handler, hand assembler, first tester, final tester, Level-3 tester, & retired in May of 2001 Norma R. Cummings - WE/AT&T/Lucent 1976-1999, retired Terry Cummings - NA Judy Cunningham - retired in 2008 from Tyco after 29 yrs. of service, worked as Secretary, Materials Planning, Purchasing, Project Management and IT Janet Currin - service from 1973-2001, now works as Paramedic for Hopkins County EMS. Jerry Currin - retired in 2001 with 30 yrs. service. James Curry - WE, AT&T, Lucent, Tyco 1970-2001, retired from Lucent in 2000, 29 years Shirley Curry - NA John Curtin- AT&T, Lucent, Tyco, Lineage Power, now with ABB D TOP William Daigle - Lucent Ted Dailey - NA Rohit Danak - retired in 1996 from AT&T Ollie Dancer - Lucent Song Dang - Lucent Harry L. Daniels Linda L. Daniels Jean Darr (decd-2012) - retired from AT&T/Lucent in 1990 J. Darst - NA Sipra Dasgupta - Lucent Dan Daugherty (decd-2013) - started at the plant in 1974 in Mount & Stamp, left in 1984 then returned in 1990, retired in 1992 Debbie Daugherty - started with WE in 1971, stayed until the last Energy Frame was shipped in 2002, worked her way up through the ranks and left as a shop floor Supervisor in Energy Solutions Kenneth Daugherty - service from 1977-2002, lives in Montana Reba Louise Press Hechel Daugherty - worked from 1973 to 1991 at WE and AT&T left to move to western New York and now lives in St. Petersburg, Florida Tommie Daugherty (decd-2000) - AT&T Roy Daughtery - Supervisor Dennis E. Davenport - Lucent A. Davis - NA Barney Davis - retired in 1991 from AT&T after 20 yrs. service Connie Davis - NA Donna R. Davis - NA Edie Davis - NA Edward Davis (decd-2007) Farena Davis - worked at Dallas Works for 11 years Howard Davis (decd-2011) - retired in 1988 from AT&T after 33 years service Hula Davis - Supervisor of Stock Shop +Janice Davis - transferred to Mesquite works in 1984 for about a year; Profits; worked for Ben Byers, Don Filter, Ron Anderson, & Jerry Giles. Joann A. Davis - NA Ken Davis - Lucent Leonard C. Davis - Lucent Marie Davis - NA Marilyn "Edie" Davis - Lucent Roy J. Davis - AT&T/Lucent/Tyco/Lineage (1987-present) Ruth Davis - NA Elbert Davidson, Jr. (decd-2008) - engineer at the Mesquite plant Helen Davidson - retired in 1996 from AT&T L. Davidson - NA Mark Davidson - Lucent Byron Dawson - Lucent Robert L. Dawson - Lucent Rod Deakers - Lucent William F. "Bill" Dean - Lucent Edgar DeBoue - Lucent James "Jim" Decanto (decd-2001) retired in 2000 Claudia Veronica DeCampo - Lucent Lisa DeGayner - NA A. Delaney - NA Joyce Delaney - NA Rich DeLange - NA Pete Delbert (decd-2019) - Q.A. Supervisor, retired in 1996 from AT&T D. Delo - NA Tommy J. Dennis - Q.A. Chuck Denson (decd-2000) - Q.A., 17 yrs. of services with AT&T Maria Luisa Diaz (decd-2016) Rosa A. Diaz - NA Nettie Blakely Dickens (decd-2016) - AT&T/Lucent Bernie Dickson - retired in 1996 from AT&T Don Dickson - retired in 1989 from AT&T after 25 years service Evelyn R. Dickerson - NA Jodie R. Dickerson - NA Nina Dieken - retired in 1995 from AT&T Marvin R. Dietel (decd-2011) - retired from Lucent in 2001 with 24 years of service Wanda Dietel - retired in 2000 from Lucent with 26 years of service Susan Dietz - Lucent Steve L. Diggs (decd-2023) - WE, AT&T Bell Labs, Lucent, Lineage, GE Power, process engineer for 43 years Susan Dilley (decd-2010) - AT&T, Lucent, Bell Labs, 30 yrs. service John M. Dishman - retired in 1996 from AT&T Johnny S. Divin - NA Lil M. Divin - NA Tyrone Dixon - WE, AT&T, 1975-1987 Houng Doan - Lucent Tung Doan - NA Don Dobson (decd-2017) - Project Manager, retired 30yrs. Frank Dobson - NA Deborah Doering (decd-2020) - Lucent, retired in 2000 James Doering (decd-2020) - AT&T/Lucent, retired with 30 yrs. Pat Doing (decd-2018) - retired in 1996 from AT&T David Donaldson - Lucent Brian Donohue - Lucent Hazel H. Dorsey - Lucent Charley Dorsey - (decd-2004), 30 years of service Lonnie B. Dorsey - NA E. Dougherty - AT&T Brenda Douglas - WE, AT&T, retired in 2000 Lucent, close at Tyco Kathy Douglas - Kit Shop, Unit shop. Shirley M. Douglas - NA Ileta W. Louise Dove - PWB Designer Weima Dove - retired in 1990 from AT&T after 19 years of service Glenna R. Dozier (decd-2015) - AT&T, Lucent Ken M. Draganski - retired in 1996 from AT&T Carolyn Drake (decd-2012) Cynthia Drake - Lucent Glenda Draughn - Lucent Merkle Draughn (decd-2013) - Lucent/AT&T, shipping dept., 23 yrs. Jim Dubach - Lucent Dennis M. Dugan - Lucent Joan Duke - service 1970-2001 Ray Dunaway - Q.A. Chris Duncan - Lucent Sandra Duncan - Process Checker Allison Dunford (decd-2010) - retired from Lucent/AT&T W.H. "Bill" Dunford - NA Edna Dunkin - Lucent Anna Dunn - Lucent Janice Dunn (decd-2022) - WE, AT&T, Lucent, Tyco, retired Lucent, 29 yrs. Marilyn Dunsworth Thuy Duong - retired in 1996 from AT&T Betty Richardson Dupree (decd-2012) - AT&T, quality inspector for over 30 yrs. Maria Duran - NA Tony Durrett - Lucent +John D'Augustine - NA E TOP Jerry Eads - NA +Kenrick Easley - AT&T (1978-1983) Jennie Eastman - Lucent G. Eddins - AT&T Jean Edgar (decd-2008)- retired in 1995 from AT&T Sharon J. Egan - Lucent Bob Eden - NA Lorine S. Edwards - NA Kathy Edwards - retired in 1996 from AT&T Mildred Edwards (decd-2020) - retired in 1995 from AT&T William J. Edwards - Bell Labs, WE, Lucent and AT&T as a mechanical engineer from 1976-2000 when Tyco laid off many employees Janet Elkins - Lucent, AT&T Ken Ellacott - Lucent +Bill Ellett - AT&T BL, NJ transplant, Power System 1990-1996 Alvin L. Elliott - hired on at W.E. in 1970, AT&T, Tyco, Lucent, retired in 1999 Karen Elliott (decd-2024) - Q.A., AT&T, Lucent, Tyco, Lineage Power James "Jim" R. Elliott - lives in Forney TX June D. Ellis (decd-1996) - 13 yrs. of service with AT&T Vernon T. Ellis - NA Altintas Emel - Lucent Kathleen M. Emerson - NA Jerry Eminger - retired in 1996 from AT&T Wing K. Eng - NA Ruth English (decd-2001) - retired in 1991 from AT&T after 21 years service Stevo Eror - Lucent Sandy Erwin - retired in 2000 after 30 years service with WE/AT&T/Lucent, went to Alcatel for three years, Best Buy as member of the Geek Squad for 3 years, back to Alcatel for 2 years, back to Best Buy for 2 years. Then really retired. Moved to Pflugerville in 2013. Marilyn Estes (decd-2004) - retired in 1989 with 25 yrs. of service Paul Estes - retired in 1988 from AT&T after 27 yrs. service T. Estes - AT&T Sundra Esters (decd-2018) - Lucent, 23 yrs. service Bill Estill (decd-2000) - retired after 21 years service G.W. "Jerry" Eubanks (decd-2023) - AT&T Becky Evans - WE from 1971 to 1981, then worked for the Town of Highland Park for 28 years and still working Bryce Evans - NA Judy C. Evans (decd-2019) - WE, AT&T, Lucent, president of C.W.A. Mary Ann Evans - Lucent S. Evans - AT&T Bob Ewald (decd-2016) - AT&T, Lucent, Tyco, Lineage, laid off in 2009, worked Ericsson F TOP Charlotte Fadroski - Lucent M. Faggart Lucent T. Faggart - AT&T L. Fair - AT&T Richard Falcon (decd-2012) - AT&T Don Faletto - NA Sheila Falke - retired in 1996 from AT&T W.J. "Bill" Fanning (decd-1993) - Senior Staff Engineer in T&I Business Unit, 38 yrs. service Jack Faren - Lucent Linda M. Farley (decd-2022) - AT&T, Molding Shop Greg H. Fasullo - Lucent Kevin Fellhoelter - Lucent Timothy R. "Tim" Fellows - Manufacturing Technician in the DC/DC shop, worked at AT&T Power Systems from 1984 to 1987, Lucent Doug Fent - Lucent Garcia Fernando - Lucent Herbert Fiedler - AT&T Allison Fielder - Lucent Paul J. Fielding - NA B. Filter - AT&T Don Filter (decd-2023) - retired in 2001 from Lucent after 39 1/2 years David Finnell - Lucent Angelo P. Fiorelli - Lucent Tom Fiorentio - retired in 1996 from AT&T W J. "Bill" Fish - NA Hayden Fisher - Lucent Kelly Fisher - retired in 1996 from AT&T Leland Fisher (decd-2018) Marie A. Fisher - NA Walt W. Fisher - retired in 1996 from AT&T Maureen D. Fitzgerald - AT&T Bill Fleming (decd-2020) - engineer, retired in 1996 from AT&T Jack Fleming - retired in 1989 from AT&T after 19 years service Joan Kathryn Fleming (decd-1997) - 25 yrs. with AT&T Carrie A. Fletcher - NA Jessie Fletcher (decd-2007) - W.E. Mark Fliegel - Lucent Curtis Flinn - NA Bettie Flores (decd-2023) - Lucent, 30+ yrs. D. Flores - AT&T Victor Flores - Lucent Stan Flowers (decd-2009) - 35 yrs. with AT&T/Lucent Ray Foley - NA Madelon Followwell - retired in 1995 from AT&T Charlie Ford - AT&T (1979-1990), m. Cindy Wesstbrook Cindy Westbrook Ford - WE, AT&T, Lucent, TYCO, (1972-2002), m. Charlie Ford Mike Fordemwalt - AT&T Don Fore (decd-2006) P. Fore - AT&T Janet Formby - Lucent Linda Formoso - shop Manuel Formoso (decd-2015) - accounting dept. P. Formoso - AT&T Roberto Formoso - Lucent, Edgewood TX Liz Forsythe - NA Arba Foster - retired in 1995 from AT&T Azell Foster - retired in 1993 from AT&T Jacquelyn Martin Foster (decd-2007) Joseph Foster - Lucent employee L. Foster - AT&T Matthew Foster - Lucent employee, working for Tyco Steve C. Foster - AT&T, Lucent Bryan D. Fotherfill - retired in 1996 from AT&T Helen Fowler - retired in 1995 from AT&T Ed Fox (decd-2010) - worked in maintenance & traveled to England Lewis L. Fox (decd-1994) - 22 years service with AT&T Simon Fraidlin (decd-2014) - Energy Systems, died 12/21/2014 at the age of 66 Mike Frajkor - retired in 1995 from AT&T Joe L. Frame - NA Liliana Franco - Lucent David Franks (decd-2011) - worked in maintenance, President of CWA J. Franklin - AT&T Kelly Frazier - Lucent Paul Frazier - retired in 1996 from AT&T Stephen Frazier - laid off in 2008 as part of Lineage Power transition Al Freddie - NA Mary M. Freddie - NA Clarra Freeman - retired in 1990 from AT&T after 19 years service Paul J. Freeman - NA Joan Freiley - Lucent M. Fugitt - AT&T Rich Fuja - retired in 1996 Fred R. Fulbright (decd-2007) - AT&T, Lucent, retired after 32 years service, Level Three Machine Setter - WE, AT&T, and Lucent Peggy J. Fulbright - NA Mike L. Fulks - NA Cecil W. Fuller - Lucent Joyce Fuller - retired in 1995 from AT&T Maxine Fulton (decd-2007) G TOP < Charlie Gable (decd-1996) Loisdean Gable - started on Oct. 18 1990 at AT&T John D. Gacia - NA Alondra Galloway - Lucent Julian A. Galloway - NA Bill Gamache - retired in 1996 from AT&T Robert A. "Bob" Gamble - Lucent W. Gammons - Lucent Bonnie Moore Gant - WE, Lucent, Tyco (1973-2001), 28yrs. service Alejandro Garcia - Lucent Guadalupe Garcia J.S. Garcia - Lucent Mercedes Garcia - NA Michael Garcia (decd-2004) Richard Garcia - works for Intersil Corporation Sheryl Gardenour - NA Bobbie Gardner (decd-2008) - W.E., AT&T, Lucent, Q.A. Carol Alaniz Gardner - works in Wylie Arnold Gargiulo - NA Frances Garner - retired in 1995 from AT&T Marion Garner - Lucent +Charlotte Garrett - Finance/Accounting, 1984-2001 John Garrett - retired in 1996 from AT&T Debra Garritson - Lucent Eloy Garza (decd-2001) Tiburcia "Tib" Garza (decd-2014) - WE Linda S. Gatin - AT&T Norman Gaut - NA Marian Gauthier (decd-2006) - AT&T, Lucent, 28 yrs. of service Fred Gautreau - WE, AT&T, Lucent Carla Gaynor - Lucent Gloria Gebron (decd-2013) - 20+ yrs., Ferrod Sensors M.B. Kathy Geiger - NA Maldonado Genaro - Lucent Frank S. Geosits - Lucent Tracy Geosits - NA John Gerstung - NA John Geruntho - Lucent Cahit Gezgin - Lucent Jay K. Ghosh - Lucent Dee L. Giannini - retired in 1996 from AT&T Adrian Farlow Gibbs - 27 yrs. of service Bruce L. Gibbs - retired from Lucent with 30 yrs. Brenda Gibson - NA Keith E. Gibson - NA Jeanette E. Gilbert (decd-1998) - retired from AT&T in 1994 after 21 yrs. of service Robert Gilbert - AT&T, Lucent, Level III Machine Setter, working at International Truck & Engine Corp. from 2000 to present - Supplier Quality Investigator Edna A. Giles (decd-2012) - retired after 22 years service Jerry Giles (decd-2014) - Manufacturing Manager, Engineering Director, & Plant Facilities Director Stephen Gilhooly - NA Stan Gillham (decd-2010) - retired in 1996 from AT&T after 30 yrs. service Patricia Gimlin - NA J. Ginn - AT&T Dennis C. Gipson - Lucent Charlene Glass - retired in 1996 from AT&T, wife of Charlie Glass Charles Glass (decd_2020) - retired in 1990 after 27 years Karla Glaze - Lucent Steve Glaze - Lucent M. Glenn - AT&T Ray M. Globis - NA H. Glover - AT&T Marie Glover (decd-2013)- retired in 1995 from AT&T R.G. "Bobby" Glover - NA Y.J. Tina Godfred - Lucent Bill Godfrey - Lucent Les W. Goekler - Lucent Ruth Golden - AT&T +Phillip Golston - WE, AT&T, Lucent, Tyco Dan Gomez (decd-2009) - Maintenance Leonor Gomez (decd-2001) - retired in 1991 from AT&T Angie G. Gonzalez (decd-2016) James E. Gonzales - Lucent Jose L. Gonzalez - Rowlett TX Debora Good - Lucent Christy Goodwin - NA Ouida Goodwin (decd-2022) - worked during 1980s Debra Gorham - Lucent Walter J. Gorzinski Marjorie Goss (decd-2002) - retired in 1991 Mark A. Gould - NA Sonia B. Gould - Lucent D. Gow - AT&T Michelle Gowans - Lucent Jeffrey R. Gowen - Lucent Mary M. Gozales - NA Marjorie Goss - (decd-2002) - retired in 1991 after 23 years service Mark Gould - retired in 1996 from AT&T Nancy Jones Gragsosn (decd-2020) - nurse Ron L. Graham - Frame Tester, AT&T Roger Grandchampt - Lucent Brenda Graves - retired in May 2001 Genie Graves - NA LeeRoy Graves - NA +Billy Gray - WE, AT&T, Lucent, Tyco, 28 years Jimmy Ray Gray (decd-2015) - WE, Lucent Melvin L. Gray decd-2024 - Lucent Randall Gray - NA Pat Grayson - retired in 1990 after 20 years of service Fred Green (decd-2014) George Green (decd-2017) Judy G. Green - Q.A., retired in 1994 from AT&T after 25 years service Kevin Green - Lucent Norman Green - Dallas Works from 1972 to 1993, 21 years of service, presently pastor of a Baptist church in southern New Mexico R. Green - AT&T Fred Greenfeld - retired in 1996 from AT&T, works for Intersil Corporation D. Greenidge - AT&T Wayne Greer - Lucent Marc Grice - retired in 1989 from AT&T after 25 years service Lionel Griffin - AT&T Wilford Griffin - Lucent Billie Griffis - worked in Customer Service Kathy Griffith - Lucent Wesley Griffith (decd-2017) - AT&T, 30 years R. Griggers - AT&T Debbie L. Grigsby - retired in 1996 from AT&T Jim R. Grim - NA Edwina Grimes - NA Edward Guancial - Lucent Andy M. Guarriello (decd-2019) - Vice President, Chief Operating Officer, retired in 1995 from AT&T after 35 years service M. Guernsey - AT&T Kim Guerra - Lucent Vernell L. Guest Jeff Guill - NA Beverly Guinn - Facility Secretary from 1990 to 2001 Myla Gunnels (decd-2018) - retired after 28 Years in 2000 Bruce W. Gustafson (decd-2011) - retired from Lucent Isabel Gutierrez - NA Paul Guzman - Lucent Rony Gwie - NA H TOP Bob Haffner (decd-2016) - retired in 1989 from AT&T after 32 yrs. service John Hagey - Lucent Dorothy Haggerty (decd-1998) - retired in 1995 from AT&T Ted Hajec - Lucent Charles Haight - NA Judy A. Hailey - NA Mark Haisler - worked at Lucent Power Systems starting 6/98, now at Tyco Electronics Power Systems & Lineage Power D. Hall - AT&T Jim Hall - NA Rob P. Hall - retired in 1996 from AT&T Ted Hall (decd-2015) Charles Hamilton - Lucent/Tyco, worked two years James "Jim" L. Hamilton (decd-2015) - WE, AT&T, Lucent Johnnie Teeter Hamilton - married to Terry Hamilton Terry A. Hamilton (decd-2019) - retired from Lucent in 2001 due to heart trouble & had a heart transplant Larry Hamm - NA Pat Ann Hammond (decd-2003) Jackie Hammons - Lucent Charles Hampton (decd-2020) - WE, AT&T, Lucent, Tyco Elaine Hampton - Lucent Clarence Hamrick (decd-1996) - AT&T, Lucent Hoyt H. Hamrick - AT&T, Lucent Jean Hamrick (decd-2013) - retired in 1990 from AT&T after 20 years service Harold Handke (decd-2021) - AT&T, 30 years E. Handy - AT&T Nathalie Hansen - Lucent Becky Hanson - NA Chuck Hanson (decd-2010) - employed at WE, AT&T, & Lucent from 1970-2000 Retha Hanson - worked at WE from Mar 1972 until Sept 1998, retired Scott Hanson - Lucent Fred Hante - NA Anne D. Harboe - NA Barbara Hardin - Circuit Packs Beverly Hardin (decd-2016) - AT&T, Lucent Curtis Hardin - started at WE in 1972, AT&T, Lucent, Tyco until closing in 2002, retired in 2002 with 29 years 4 months, now working at Raytheon (Lemmon & Inwood) 1 1/2 years G.C. Hardin - Lucent Chuck E. Harm - NA Rubye Harman - Lucent Roger Harmon - retired in 1991 from AT&T after 20 years service Billie Harper - Lucent Wilma Harper (decd-2022) - WE, AT&T, Lucent, 35 years Judy Harrell - Circuit Packs , Layout Operator Patricia Harrelson - worked for WE & Lucent Ray Harrelson - started at Pilot Plant with WE, worked in the Quality Assurance organization (1970-1984), at divestiture worked for the Central Services Organization which later became Bell Communications Research (Bellcore) Carl D. Harris - WE, Tyco, 1972-2006 Cleo Harris (decd-2003) - retired from AT&T in the late 1980s Connie Tanguma Harris - WE, Tyco, RS&R, storeroom, 1979-2006, now works for CPS Debbie K. Harris - NA Dee H. Harris - NA E. Harris - AT&T Geisha Harris - service 1999-2001 Michael H. Harris (decd-2024) - WE, AT&T, Lucent & Bell Labs Terry Harris (decd-2021) - WE, AT&T, Lucent, & Tyco, Lineage Power retired 2008 Pat Harris (decd) - Circuit Packs, Process Checker Sarah Harris - retired in 1995 from AT&T V. Harris - AT&T Willie E. Harris (decd-2007) - AT&T Prince M. Harrison Russ Harrison - Lucent Betsy Harrod - NA W.L. "Bill" Harrod - NA Bill Hart - Information Systems Dept (1969-1996), retired in 1996 from AT&T Chris Hart (decd-2007) - AT&T R.J. "Bob" Hart - AT&T, Lucent, Symbol Technologies Tony Hart - NA Kristi Rial Hartley - worked for AT&T, Lucent, Tyco (1990-2001), (T&I, NGHP & BMP) Mark A. Hartley - hired October 1976, a few years in production - pulse transformers, circuit packs, and frame packing, promoted to QA Auditor about 1980, promoted to Engineering Associate in 1983, back to QA in 1986, left for AT&T Supplier Management organization in 1987 (stationed in Harlingen, TX to work Mexican maquiladora vendors to AT&T), then stationed in Oklahoma City in 1988 to cover OK, TX, & Mexico, joined AT&T Global Management & Engineering's consulting team in 1991, early retirement buyout from AT&T (17 plus years) in March 1994, formed present consulting company - The Hartley Group - Performance, Paradigms, Inc. in Bethany, OK. C.W. Hartman - WE, Frame Test, AT&T, Q.A., Lucent, Tyco Francis Hartman - AT&T Hazel Harvey - retired in 1989 from AT&T after 19 years service James Harvey - NA R. Harvey - AT&T Steve C. Hassenfratz - Lucent Matt Hastings - Lucent Jackie Hatate - NA Greg Hatcher - Lucent Jack Hathaway - AT&T Michael R. Hatzel - NA Stan Haugarth - retire in 1990 from AT&T after 20 years service Mary Haugarth - retired in 1990 from AT&T after 19 years service Gordon Hausenfluck - AT&T Chuck Hausser - Lucent David Hawkins - Lucent Haskell Hay (decd-1994) - security guard Jan L. Hay - retired in 1996 +Lon Hayter - WE, AT&T, Lucent, worked 1970 until plant closing R. Hayter - AT&T Dr. Jin He (DMTS of Bell Labs) - left Lucent Bell Labs/Power Systems right before Tyco acquisition in 2000, founding member of Innoveta Technologies (Plano TX, a company established in 2001 by Victor Lee and the team which merged with TDK in 2003, and now an R&D center of TDK-Lambda Americas) and responsible for the development of the state of art of board mounted power dc-dc converter modules for Telecom, Datacom, & Industrial market. Gaylon Head - AT&T, Lucent, Tyco Glenda Givens Headen (decd-2022) Priscilla Ann Heake - AT&T, Lucent in Finance Russell Heath - NA Janet Heathcock (Gross) (decd-2019) - WE 04/13/1970, AT&T, Lucent, Tyco, retired in 2001 Betty Hebbler - retired in 1995 from AT&T Earl T. Hebert, Jr. - Lucent Wanda Heddin - retired after 31 years with the Dallas Works (1970--2001) Roy Hechel - AT&T Harry Heinkele - AT&T, Apr 1992, Lucent, Tyco, now Lineage Power Randy Heinrich - Lucent Melba Helms (decd-2011) - worked for 30 years as a supervisor with WE, AT&T and retired from Lucent *Mike Hemphill - retired +Rick Hemphill - NA Bill Henderson - Recruiting Asst. Manager, Human Resources Dan Henderson - Lucent Deana J. Henderson - Lucent Ron Henderson (decd-2023) Virginia Henderson - 1969 to 2000, retired after 30 years, WE/AT&T/Lucent, living in Athens William "Bill" Henderson - Lucent Chris Henninger - HR Business Partner, works for Tyco now Debbie Henninger - works for Tyco Juanita R. Henry (decd) - retired in 1995 from AT&T Paul Henry (decd-1998), retired from AT&T Eric M. Hensgen - Lucent George W. Hensley - NA James L. Henson - AT&T, Lucent A.S. Zan Herbert - retired in 1996 from AT&T Ismael Hernandez - Lucent Windy Hernandez - NA John L. Herndon - NA Antonio Herrera - Lucent Ermalinda Herrera - Lucent Mitch Herrington - worked at the plant from 1976 to 1990 Richard Herring - Lucent Pamela A. Herrington - Lucent Annie P. Herron - Lucent Avon Herron - QA Bobbie W. Heslip - NA Brett Hester - NA Donald Ray Hester (decd-1997) Kathryn Hester - NA Brent Hickock - NA Ken J. Hicks - Lucent Virginia Hicks decd-2018, WE, AT&T, Lucent, retired 22 yrs. Sybil Higgens - Lucent Denise Higginbotham - NA Kathryn Higginbotham - WE, AT&T, Lucent,Tyco, Ferrod Sensor, Energy Systems, & BMP Paul Higgins - WE, AT&T, Lucent & Tyco, 28 years, 905 Connectors, Plug-In Trunk, Customer Service Packing Line, RSS, Bell Pack, DC/DC, Energy Solutions/Engineering-Senior Technical Associate Fred Hiley - retired in 1995 from AT&T Linda Hilz (decd-2018) - clerk in H.R. Blake Hill - NA Jerry L. Hill - NA Jim Hill - transfered to Dallas Jan. 1996, left Feb, 2002 Kelly Hill - Lucent Fred Hillard - Circuit Packs Fred L. Hiller (decd-2010) - retired in 1993 from AT&T Bobby Hillgartner - works at Tyco in Customer Service. Robert Samuel "Bob" Hillgartner (decd-2001) Flora B. Hillgartner (decd-2010) - retired in 1991 from AT&T after 19 years service Rob N. Hilley - NA Val J. Hilley - NA Linda Hilz (decd-2018) - WE, AT&T, Lucent Joe Hime (decd-2010) - worked in the trade group Ronnie L. Hinze - W.E., AT&T, Lucent Jeanette Hinsley - Circuit Packs Billy Hobbs (decd-2017) - Lucent, Engineering Department Chief, 30 yrs. Brenda B. Hobbs (decd-2023) - Payroll Clerk Rich H. Hock - NA G. Hodge - AT&T Clyde R. Hodnett - NA Venita Platt Holbrook - Q.A., retired in 2000 after 32 years service Michael Holden - AT&T, Lucent, Tyco Jan Holden (decd-2021) +Wanda Holder - WE, SW Bell, Lucent, Tyco, retired after 26 years Miranda "Faye" Holland - 30 years service, retired from Lucent Dec. 2000 Linda French Holley - retired from Lucent in 2000, Tyco Opal Hollins (decd-2018) - retired in 1991 after 20 years service W. Hollis - AT&T Debbie Holthouse - WE, AT&T (1980 - 1991) S. Homs - AT&T Helen Hood - retired in 1995 from AT&T J. Hood - AT&T Lawrence Hooker - (decd-2010) Mary P. Hooper Guy Hoover - AT&T Lola Hoover - retired in 1996 from AT&T Dave C. Hopkins - NA L. Hopkins - AT&T Mary P. Hopper - worked for W.E., AT&T, Lucent, & Tyco Julie Horak - Lucent Margie Hornsby - Circuit Packs Wanda J. Horton (decd-2003) - 25 years of service with AT&T David Hosaka - Lucent Cathy Waller Hosick - NA Sharon B. Hough - NA Kristen Houghten - Lucent Mark E. Houghten (decd-2004) A. Howard - AT&T Brad Howard - WE/ATT/Lucent & TYCO, 1977 to 2001, Level III Tester, Bell Labs Qualification Dept. Rick Howard - AT&T, Lucent Darrek Hoyle - Lucent Darrell Hoyle - works for Motorola in Ft. Worth. Frank Hozhabri - Lucent Lei Hua - Lucent Ming-zhu Huang - Tyco Electronics, Lineage Power Gidget Hudson - retired in 2001 Theodore Huggins - Lucent Betty Hughes - NA Darrell Hughes (decd-1997) Dennis E. Hughes - NA Tom Hughes - Lucent Robert Huljak - Lucent Ross R. Humer - NA Sally Humer - worked at Mesquite from 1990-1993 and then again from 1996-1999, C&P Tel (now Verizon) AT&T, WE and Lucent, retired from Mesquite with 28 years Linda Humphrey - (decd-2012) - over 30 yrs. service Randy Humphries - WE, AT&T, Lucent, Tyco, 1973-2002, Cable Shop, Bell Labs James Evan Hundley (decd-2005) - retired in 1985 after 29 years with AT&T Dick Hunt - retired in 1996 from AT&T John Hunt - AT&T Lorne P. Hunt - Lucent Mark A. Hunt - NA Sandy Hunt - Lucent Scott Hunt - AT&T Becky Hunter - NA Jerry Hunter - Lucent Steve F. Huray - (decd-2004) OKC Works, Dallas Works, Dept. Chief, Personnel Manager M. M. Lee Huynh - NA Tuyet P. Huynh - NA Tham H. Huynh - NA I TOP Chris Ibach - NA Bob H. Ibe - NA Charles E. Ingold, Sr. (decd-2013) - retired from Lucent Kenny Ingram - WE, AT&T, Lucent, Tyco, retired 2001 after 30 yrs., having fun Lauri K. Ingram-Ratcliffe Susan Irons - Lucent Tom Irons - Lucent Shams Islam - Lucent Gary Lee Israelson (decd-2000) - 33 yrs. of service Warren C. Ives - NA J TOP Betty J. Jackson - NA David Jackson - Lucent Debbie Jackson - service 1973-1975, Coil & Inductor shop Genell Jackson - Lucent Jo Jackson - retired in 1995 from AT&T Joe D. Jackson - retired from Lucent in 1998, moved to Ponchatoula Louisiana, currently working as a contractor for Shell Oil Company in New Orleans Lou Jackson - retired in 1995 from AT&T Michael Jackson - NA +Otis Jackson (decd-2017) Pam Jackson - AT&T, Astec Power in CA Radene Jackson - NA +Sandra H. Jackson - AT&T, Lucent, 1974-2001 Shelley L. Jackson (Hunt) - Lucent Sonie Jackson - NA Will F. Jackson - retired after 30 1/2 years service, left Tyco in Oct 2001, Data Warehouse group Earl Jacobs - NA Barbara Jacobs - Lucent Mark Jacobs (decd-2024) - engineer, Bell Labs, Lucent, Tyco, 40 yrs. Mac A. Jacoby - WE 1970, Circuit Packs, Q.A. Auditor, retired in 1995 after 25 years service, lives in Sachse TX, m. Marie DeLeon (decd) Miles David Jacoby - Lucent Paul Jacovelli - Lucent +Anurag Jagota - joined in 1999 in Systems Engineering C. Jalalian - AT&T Charlie C. James - NA +Doris James - 28 years of service Maroyln James - Lucent T. James - NA Ray J. Janik - NA Gary Janke - NA Charles "Chuck" Janson - worked at WE from Jan. of 1970 until he retired from Lucent in Dec 2000 Ann Jarrett - Lucent Dava Ann Jarrett - Lucent Peggy Jarrett-Mhoon (decd-2016) - purchaser for Lucent Betty Dearing Jay decd-2022 - worked at WE, AT&T, Lucent, Tyco from 1971 to 2001, retired from Lucent in Dec. 2000. John W. Jaykus - Lucent Connie Jeffery - retired in 1995 from AT&T A.C. Tony Jeffries - NA Don W. Jeffrey - Q.A. manager, retired in 1989 from AT&T after 33 years service Barbara D. Jenkins - retired in 2000 after 27 years of service Joyce Jenkins - retired in 1995 from AT&T after 24 years service Kermit Jenkins - NA Louis L. Jenkins - NA +Nena Jenkins - worked 27 yrs. Peggy Jenkins - Q.A., retired in 1995 from AT&T, Mesquite TX Rebel Jenkins - NA Ted D. Jeter - WE, AT&T Lucent Technologies, Bell Laboratories, retired 7/10/2000 after 30+ years of service. Staci S. Jewell - NA Salvador Jimenez - Lucent Binsu John - Lucent Genevie John - NA Preston John (decd-2015) - WE David W. Johnk - Lucent Betty Johnson - retired in 1995 from AT&T Barbara Johnson (decd-2016) Carol Johnson - WE in 1977, 28 yrs. of service, resigned from Linage Power in 2008 Chief Johnson - retired in 1992 from AT&T after 19 years service Daniel Johnson - NA Donna Johnson - NA E. Johnson - AT&T George E. Johnson (decd-2021)- Lucent Harry H. Johnson (decd-2018) - WE/Tyco, Quality Manager, retired in 2002 James L. Johnson - Lucent Johnny Johnson (decd-2013) - AT&T, tester, 30 yrs. service Karen Johnson - retired in 1996 from AT&T Lisa Johnson - NA Michael G. Johnson - Lucent Ned Johnson - NA Richard Johnson - AT&T Sheron Johnson - worked for AT&T, Lucent, & Tyco 11 years from 1990 to 2001, most of those years worked 2nd shift in Board Mounted Power, spent a lot of those years in the Stamping area. Shirley J. Johnson - NA Stephen Johnson - AT&T Steve Johnson- WE, AT&T, Lucent, Tyco, 1979-2001, Bell Labs, BMP Product Marketing Manager Sue Johnson (Nelda R Johnson) - worked for WE in Shreveport, worked for Lucent in Mesquite Donna Allen Shoemate Johnston - AT&T, Lucent, Tyco, Symbol Technologies Grady Johnston - AT&T, Lucent, Tyco, Symbol Technologies Jill Johnston - Lucent Judy Johnston - retired with 30 years from lucent, then worked 5 months with Tyco Clint Jones - Circuit Packs, Layout Operator, moved to Grapevine, TX Dianne Jones (decd-2016) - retired in 1995 from AT&T with 30 yrs. service Don Jones (decd-2008) Dorothy Dee Jones - retired in 1990 from AT&T after 20 years service Gary H. Jones - Lucent George R. Jones - retired in 1996 from AT&T I. Jones - AT&T Jennie (Banks) Jones - Lucent, worked all over the plant, up front, QA Jerry B. Jones - AT&T Ken Jones - AT&T M.J. Sue Jones - retired in 1991 from AT&T after 20 years service Natalie Walker Jones - worked for AT&T, Lucent then Outsourced to IBM (from 1984-2001), currently working for IBM in Dallas Nona W. Jones - WE, AT&T, Lucent, TYCO, & Lineage Power (retired in 2010) Pat Jones - retired in 1999 Robert R. Jones (decd-2016) - security Robert E. Jones, Jr. - NA Vivian L. Jones - Lucent William Larry Jordan (decd-2021) - Cable Foreman, AT&T Greg Jorgenson - Lucent Leon Joseph - AT&T +Mathew Joseph, P.E. - worked for Lee Peterson, 1989-2000, Product Safety, OLS, DC/DC, TQM, Energy Systems - received Engineering Award of Excellence in 1992 and obtained 4 patents Minimol G. Joseph - Lucent Minnie G. Joseph - NA Sabu Joseph - Lucent James Juarez - AT&T Maria G. Juarez - NA Leigh Judd - Lucent Ron Jungling - Lucent K TOP Terry A. Kadinger - worked at the plant from 1984 to 2008, now works for Alturdyne power systems Nader Kafai - retired in 1996 from AT&T Deborah Kalgren - retired in 1996 from AT&T Paul G. Kaluza - Lucent Takashi Kanamori - Lucent Tom Kanode - retired in 1996 from AT&T Dennis Kaptain - hired 1987 in Parsippany NJ, 1990-2008 in Mesquite/AT&T/Lucent/Tyco/Lineage W. Karasek - AT&T Ed J. Kaspar - NA Sherry Kaspar - retired 2000, worked in New and Change department Saji Kattuvelil - Lucent D. Keahey - AT&T Bonnie Keating - hired 09/85 AT&T, Bell Labs, Lucent, Tyco (2002) R.L. "Bob" Keck - NA Karen Keck - NA Tim Keefer - NA Ann Keele (decd-2009) - AT&T Bill Kelley (decd-2013) - Department Chief David Kelley (decd-1989) Karen Kelley - Lucent Keith B. Kelley - Lucent Bill Kelly - NA Carolyn Kelly - NA Charles Kelly - Lucent Judy A. Kelly - NA Kevin B. Kelly - NA Sandy Kelly - Lucent E. L. Moe Kennedy - NA Michael Kennedy - hired on 3/14/77 (26 years), lives in Mesquite, building house on Lake Fork, works for Tyco Shirley Rippy Kennemer - WE, AT&T, Lucent(retired) & Tyco, 30 yrs. Reba Kenner - retired in 1995 from AT&T R. Kent - AT&T Ken Kepley - Circuit Packs, Machine Setter, retired Brian Kerrick - Lucent J. Kerss - AT&T Lee Roy Key (decd-2022) - worked in Cable Forming & Stock Shop, 30+ yrs. Tim Key - brother to Lee Roy Key Elowra Khan - NA Katie Kesler (decd-2022) - Executive Administrative Assistant, 30 yrs. W. Kesler - AT&T Irfan A. Khan - Lucent Nadeem Khan - Lucent Pervez J. Khan - Lucent Ramesh Khanna - Lucent Wan Kho - Lucent Criss Kickirillo - WE, circuit packs Gary Kidwell - Lucent Del W. Kiest - NA Robbie Kiest - NA Jane Kilgore (decd-2001), retired after 25 yrs. of service with AT&T B. Kilpatrick - AT&T Lucille Kilpatrick (decd-2015) - retired in 1995 from AT&T Marnice Kilpatrick (decd-2024) Minchul Kim - Lucent Taekyu Kim - worked from 1979-2001 at W.E. to TYCO Tran Kim - AT&T Curt Kimbler - Lucent Jim Kindy - retired in 1996 from AT&T Bill King - Lucent Barbara A. King - NA Brenda King - Lucent Charlotte King - left Tyco in 2002 D. King - AT&T Janice Thomas King - Lucent Jimmy E. King - Lucent Marvin King - NA William E. King - Lucent Frankie Kinser - NA +Greg Kinsley - AT&T, 1984-89, Tech Helen Kinsworthy - Q.A. Chris Kirchmeyer - Q.A., retired in 1990 from AT&T after 23 years service Richard "Dick" Kirchmeyer (decd-1997) - retired after 33 1/2 yrs. Nancy Kirk - NA Bob Kirkendoll - worked at the plant from July 1990 until Sept. 2001 Gary D. Kirkpatrick - AT&T Warren Kline - Lucent L.J. Vern Kneidel - NA Kathy Knickerbocker - NA Connie B. Knight (now Hoops) - worked for 21 yrs. in Mesquite, started with WE, AT&T, Lucent, & Tyco J. Knight - AT&T Mary Knight (decd-2017) - AT&T Bob Knoblock - retired in 1991 from AT&T after 21 years service E. Knoeckel - AT&T Dorothy A. Knoll - Lucent Gary Knoll - WE, AT&T, Lucent, Tyco, 1977-2007, Mini Trunks, RSS, R&D Steve Knott - NA Connie Knowles - retired from Lucent in 2000, lives at Lake Fork near Alba Jerry M. Knowles (decd-2008) - Lucent, retired after 30 yrs. Alan J. Koester - AT&T Philip Koester (decd-2017) - AT&T, tech in BMP Dan M. Kolides - NA Adam Kolodny - NA Janet Ginn Konecny - WE, AT&T, Lucent, Tyco George T. Kopecky - NA Peggy Kopecky - NA Sara Jane Koperski - retired in 1991 from AT&T John Kotch - NA Stan G. Kotwitz - NA Rich Krautter - NA J. Kroegel - AT&T Jerry Kroutil - transferred to OKC Works in 1983 & retired there, lives in OKC area Bill Kucera - AT&T Frank Scott Kudiaty - Lucent Scott Kudlaty - NA Billye Kudrna - Lucent Tom E. Kulka (decd-2003) - Q.A. Engineer for AT&T/Lucent, Quality Systems Engineer for Tyco Roy Kuipers - Lucent Karl Kuptz - NA Paul Kuptz - retired from Lucent 12/31/2001, left plant 03/15/2002 John Kuter - Lucent Barbara Kuykendall - Lucent Donna Kuykendall - WE (Mesquite & Mockingbird), AT&T/Lucent/Tyco 21 years, now living living in Ivanhoe, TX working for Trailblazer in Denison L TOP Deidre J. Lacy - NA Jacque Lacy - NA R.J. Joe Lacy - NA Tom Lacy - retired in 1996 from AT&T Laura Laffolette - Lucent L. Laird - AT&T B. Lakes - AT&T Fred Laman - Lucent Kathy Lamb - Lucent Kent B. Lamoureux - NA Phil G. Lamoureux - NA Allen Lancaster (decd) Doris Lancaster (decd-2007) - Lucent Patricia Land - NA Russell Landon - Lucent Louis Langford - NA Owen K. Langley - Lucent Bob Langmacher - transfered to Dallas in 1970, left in 1978, worked in the pilot plant Carol Christian Lankford - NA Curt Lankford - transfered from Little Rock Works to Dallas in 1993, left in 2000. Chrdis A. Lanzone - NA Santos Cisnero Lara (decd-2023) - WE, 25 yrs. James R. Larkin - Lucent John Larkin - worked for AT&T Power Systems as an engineer from 1985 to 1996, then left for Hewlett-Packard in Colorado, returned to Lucent Technologies Power Systems in 1998 as a QA Manager, left Tyco in 2001 to work for Innoveta Technologies, started by Victor Lee, which was acquired by TDK in 2003, currently in Marietta, GA Pamela Larkin - retired in 1996 from AT&T Lizabeth Latchaw - retired in 1996 from AT&T Gayle Field Latham - 17 years service, moved back to Rowlett, TX Jay Monroe Latham - retired in 1996, moved back to Rowlett, TX Petra J. Laws - NA Paulette Lawhorne - retired in 2000 after 30 years of service James Lawrence (decd-2014) - retired in 1995 from AT&T Michael D. Lawrence - NA Perry Laxson - AT&T, retired in 1996 Randy Laxson - NA B.Q. Le - Lucent Can Le - NA Giang H. Le - NA Jennyfer Le - Lucent Nhon D. Le - NA Jack Leahy - WE 1977; Section Chief '79, Department Chief '81; transferred to Dublin Ohio '86, retired from Lucent as CTIP Director, S.E. Asia (Singapore) 2000; retired as College VP in Columbus Ohio 2011 Harry Leamy - Bell Labs, retired after 23 years service E. Scott Leathers - NA John Leathers - Kemp TX, m. Barbara Grinnell (now decd) Tim Leathers - retired in 1989 from AT&T after 29 years service Andy Leday - NA Joyce Leday - AT&T Randy R. Ledbetter - Senior Technical Associate for Tyco Electronics Bill Lee - Lucent Chuck Lee - NA Ellen Lee - retired in 1996 from AT&T Gary Lee - Lucent Gordon Lee - Lucent Jeffrey Lee - worked 1976-83 Lisa Lee - NA Mike Lee (decd-2019) - Frame tester Sheri L. Lee - NA Victor K. Lee - NA Leonard D. Legrand - Lucent Keith Leicht - Lucent Renee Lemonine - Lucent Rebecca Lemons - NA Michael J. Lenington John Lents (decd-1999) - retired from AT&T in 1992 Barbara Leszczynski - Lucent David E. Levine - retired Barbara Lewis - NA Bill Lewis - NA David Lewis - Lucent Doris (Marie) Lewis - AT&T,, Lucent, Tyco Edna Lewis - WE, AT&T, Lucent, Tyco. John Lewis - Lucent P. Lewis - AT&T R. Burt Lewis - NA Wanda C. Lewis - service 1979-2001, scrap co-ordinator in Galaxy & Unit shop, would like to hear from friends Li Li - Lucent Frank Liang - Lucent L. Lieto - AT&T Les Liggett (decd-2015) Steve Limbaugh - (decd-2012) Janie Lipscomb - NA Russell Lipscomb (decd-2009) - Cable Forming from 1973 to 1981 Henry Lipstraw - AT&T Ronnie Listenberger (decd-2014) - plant electrician E.A. Marie Lites - works for Tyco Charlie Little (decd-2010) - retired from Lucent after 32 yrs. Sue Little - WE, AT&T, Lucent, Tyco from 1972, lives in Canton TX Delores E. Littlefield Charles Liu - Lucent Qin Liu - Lucent Beverly Lively - transferred to AT&T in Mesquite in 1990 from OK City (1978), ESS Customer Service, Master Scheduler, retired from Lucent, worked for Tyco through April of 2001. Jack F. Livesay - NA Ramona P. Livingston Kerri Lo - Lucent T. Lockett - AT&T Bob Loe - retired in 1996 Joyce Lofton - Lucent Tom P. Loftus (decd-1992) - Member of Technical Staff in Power Systems Jonathan Logan - Lucent John Lombardi, Sr. - retired in 1996 from AT&T Phil A. Lombard - retired in 1996 from AT&T Don Long (decd-2010) Sandy D. Long - NA Hazel Loosier (decd-2019) Mary Love - Lucent Paulette C. Lovell - Lucent Herbert W. Lowe (decd-2014) - security, department chief, retired in 1989 after 20 yrs. C. Lowery - AT&T Edna Frances Lozano (decd-1991) - worked for WE & AT&T Roy A. Lozano (decd-1998) Juleta Lucus (decd-2001) - AT&T/Lucent Ken H. Lucas - NA Hank Luer - NA Lissymol Lukose - Lucent Laura Luna - Lucent Sheryl H. Lunz - worked in accounting & engineering, left the plant in 2000 Qin Luo - NA Janice M. Luth - Lucent Vinhson Luu - Lucent T. B. Ly - Lucent Hal Lyday - NA Dennis M. Lynch - retired Lucent 1999, currently living Easter Island, Chile Michael Lynch - retired in 1996 from AT&T Ray Lynch - retired in 1989 from AT&T after 20 years service Marti Lynn - NA Bob Lyon - Lucent Nora Lyon - W.E., Circuit Packs Rich D. Lytle - NA M TOP R.M. "Bob" Mackey (decd-2001) - Q.A., retired Wanda M. Mackey (decd-2020) - married to Bob Mackey Jay Madhav - Lucent Johnnie Madison - Lucent Rick Madsen - Lucent Joe L. Magdaleno - NA Cecil Magers - AT&T Moe G. Maghami - Lucent Bud M. Mahagan (decd-2009) - retired from WE in 1984 Gary M. Mahagan - retired from Tyco in 2001, currently works for Dallas County Community College District Gayle Mahagan - service 1969-1975, rehired in 1996, retired/resigned in 2004 to enjoy her grandkids Frank F. Makan - NA Joan Maksim - NA A. Maldonado - AT&T Salvador Maldanado - Lucent Paul Maldonado - Ferrod Sensors Tony Maldonado - AT&T Salvador Maldonado - retired from Lucent ,worked for Tyco until it was closed, ESS frame tester and power unit test. Robert "Bob" F. Maleski - AT&T Allan Maly - Lucent Linda Malone - AT&T Lotis Manachek - retired in 1990 Yehoshua Mandelcorn - Lucent D. Manning - AT&T Lou Manning - retired in 1995 from AT&T Rod P. Mannlin - NA Randy Mansfield - NA George D. Manshadi - Lucent Darwin Mara (decd-2014) - WE/AT&T, retired in 1981 Donald Marabell - Lucent Ken Marable - AT&T Gerard Marcelina (decd-2019) - AT&T Wilma Marcelina - AT&T Steve F. Markham - retired in 1995 from AT&T Bill Marr - Lucent Andy J. Marsh - Lucent Arnold E. Gene Marsh - retired 2001 Jill Marsh - Lucent Lorna Marsh - Lucent Barbara Marshall - Secretary for Lucent/Tyco Sanford Marshall - NA M.G. Cris Martell - NA Art R. Martin - NA Carl Martin - Lucent Dave Martin - AT&T Janie B. Martin (decd-2016) - Lucent, 25 yrs. Jim Martin - retired in 1995 from AT&T Judy Martin - Lucent Mark Martin - now retired Robby David Martin (decd-2011)- Lucent Hortensia M. Martinez J. Martinez - AT&T Sanjiv Marwaha - Lucent Otto T. Masopust - Lucent Lin Massey - NA Betty Mastin - NA Pam Mastropaolo - NA Betty Mathes - Human Resources Boyd Mathes - retired in 1986 after 30 yrs., lives in Tenn. Shiby Mathew - Lucent Greg Mathiesen - IL Bell, Teletype (WE), Bell Labs, Lucent Power Systems, Tyco Electronics Power Systems, Lineage Power 1965-2009 retired from Lucent 1998 (33 years service), returned to Tyco Electronics Power Systems 2003 Don Mathis (decd-2007) - Sr Engr, transfered to Dallas 1979, retired 1999 after 25 years Sash Matsumoto - Lucent Gary Matthias - Lucent Richard Matthiessen (decd-2005) - WE (1970-1977) David Mauriello - NA Kenneth Maus - worked at Dallas Works 1970-77, Supervisor in Circuit Pack Storeroom, tranferred back to Reading, moved to Las Vegas, moving back to Reading Marty D. Maxon - Lucent Marilyn H. May - Lucent Michael W. May - Lucent Pat May - NA Ray G. Mayer (decd-2020) - Electrical Engineer Chuck Mayfield - WE, AT&T, Lucent, Tyco, 1976-2000 Ricky McAllistor - AT&T David McBee - Lucent G. Roger McBratney - NA Jack McCafferty (decd-1997) - Human Resources Patricia McCasey - NA June Butler-McCauley - 26 yrs. service, WE, AT&T, Lucent, Tyco Kay McCauley (decd-2021) Ron M. McCauley (decd-2017) - retired in 1996 from AT&T Steven A. McCauley (decd-2023) - 10 yrs. service with Lucent, Tyco, Lineage Power J. McClain - AT&T M. McClelland - AT&T Katherine McClendon - NA B. McClintock - AT&T Danny V. McClure (decd-2017) Steve McCluer - Lucent Thomas E. McColgan - Lucent Doug McConnell - Lucent +Ross McConnell (decd-2017) - assistant manager Rich McCormick - transferred to Dallas in 1970, retired from AT&T in 1990 Sherry McCormick - NA James McCrary - Lucent Carol Smith McCullough - worked as customer service mgr. after leaving Hubert McDaniel (decd-1996) - retired in 1995 from AT&T John J. McDermott (decd-2007) - W.E., AT&T, Lucent B. McDonald - AT&T Danny McDonald - Lucent H. McDonald - AT&T Laura McDonald - Circuit Packs, Lucent Loretta McDonald - retired in 1994 from AT&T Paula McDonald - Lucent Ron McDonald - Frame Tester John McElroy - Lucent Bill McGehee (decd-2021) - WE, retired 1997 Betty McGinnis (decd-2009) - service from 1972-1995 (23 yrs.), worked storeroom & Genesis Leah McGinnis - WE, 1969-1978 Janic McGraw (decd-2007) Betty McGuffey - retired in 1995 from AT&T Floyd McIntosh (decd-1997) Robert H. "Bob" McIntosh (decd-2001) Robert M. "Bob" McIntosh (decd-2014) Dennis McKee - left WE/AT&T in 1984, started with the Mesquite Police Department & retired after 25.5 yrs in 2010, lives in Peeltown TX Pauline McKeever - Cables & then Frames, retired from Lucent in 2001 after 30 yrs., lives New Boston TX William J. McKelvey (decd-2020) Alma Jean McKenzie - Lucent +David McKenzie (decd-2017) - AT&T, 35 yrs. service, District Manager of Finance Jim McKenzie - AT&T Hollis E. McKenzie - NA Marshall McKenzie - NA Amy McKinney (decd-2008) - secretary Carolyn McKinney - NA Marshal McKinsie - Frame Tester D. McKown - AT&T Kenneth D. McLemee - NA C. McMahon - AT&T S. H. Kim McMellon - NA Shu Rong McMellon - Lucent John McMennamy - AT&T Jennifer McMillian - retired in 1996 from AT&T Keith W. McMillen - Lucent John McMullen - working for Wackenhut Security Justin McNamee (decd-2014) - Lucent Mary McNamee - NA Richard C. McNamee Jay McNatt (decd-1997) Adel McNeil - WE, AT&T/Lucent, Tyco Carrie McNeil - NA +Kenneth McPherson - started at WE in 1970, Cable Forming, retired in 2001 from Lucent, Tyco in BMP Carolyn S. McQueary - Lucent Gary F. McQueary - AT&T, Lucent Mark McSpadden - NA Ed L. McZegle - NA Norman W. Meador (decd-2012) Mike Meeks - NA Larry E. Meisner - Lucent Liz M. Mendias - NA Anita Mendoza (decd-2017) - Field Repair, retired in 1995 from AT&T George Mercurio - Lucent Kathy Mertens - Lucent Gloria Mesa - AT&T Bob M. Meszar - NA John R. Meszar (decd-2020) - Bell Labs Bob Metcalf (decd-2023) - retired in 1996 from AT&T W.M. "Bill" Metzger - Q.A. Bob Meyer (decd-2018) - AT&T, supervisor Keith Meyers (decd-1995) - Bell Labs James "Jim" Meyer - NA Marilyn Meyer - Lucent Ann Boykin Middleton - NA Mark R. Middleton - started work 11/17/1973 for WE, Tyco, 31 yrs. service F. Marshall Miles - retired in 1996, Senior Partner at Power Perceptions A. Miller - AT&T Barbara E. Miller - worked from 1997-2001) Becky Miller - NA Bruce A. Miller - NA Ellen Correne Miller (decd-2004) - Lucent Frank T. Miller - over 30 years of service Linda Miller - Lucent Mae M. Miller - NA Marvin Miller (decd-2001) - Supervisor Melvin Miller - worked for WE, AT&T, Lucent & Tyco 1977-2001 Mickey Miller - retired in 1996 from AT&T Patsy Miller (decd-1998) - retired in 1989 from AT&T after 19 yrs. Shirley W. Miller - NA Steve V. Miller - NA Sue Miller - retired in 1995 from AT&T after 16 years service Tammy Miller - Lucent Timothy Miller - started at WE in 1974 in Security, retired from Lucent, left Tyco as Security Manager Allan "Al" Mills (decd-2002)- retired from AT&T in 1987 as an engineeing manager Robert "Bob" Mills (decd-2004) - AT&T Alvin Minatrea (decd-2019) - Security from 1974 as a patrolman to Security Manager, retired Billy Joe Mince (decd-2020) - WE, guard, sales Ram B. Miniyar - Lucent Nancy L. Minneti - Lucent D. Minor - AT&T Lena C. Minton - NA Mary Miramontes (decd-2016) - Lucent David S. Miskel - NA Pradeep Mistry - Lucent Billy W. Mitchell - Lucent Carol Mitchell - Circuit Packs Ray Mitchell (decd-2021 - worked at the Columbus plant Roger Mitchell - Lucent Willie T. Mitchell - Lucent Harvey D. Moats - NA Melinda Y. Mobley - NA Michael J. Model - Lucent Janice Moffett - Lucent Melissa Molina - NA Brenda Mollett - left Dallas in 1983, retired 2005 Lucent OKC, 31 years Darrell Mollett left Dallas in 1982, retired 2005 Lucent OKC, 36 years Nancy A. Molling - Lucent Irene Moncreif (decd-1998) - worked at AT&T for 30 yrs. C. Monday - AT&T Angela M. Monroe (decd-1994) - Coach of TQM Implementation Team Efren Montenegro - Lucent C. Montgomery - AT&T Geraldine Montgomery - Circuit Packs R. J. Dick Montgomery - retired in 1996 from AT&T Melissa Montoya - AT&/Lucent (left after Tyco acquisition) Anita Moody - NA Robert S. Moon - NA Steve Moon - AT&T Shirley H. Moon - NA +Alma Moore (decd-2017) - AT&T Annie G. Moore - NA Don H. Moore - started with WE in 1970, left to join BellCore in 1987, currently at Fujitsu Network Communications. Diane Clark Moore - W.E. Doris Moore - Lucent Curt Moore - retired in 1996 Kathryn D. Moore - Lucent Leroy D. Moore (decd-2014) - WE, AT&T, retired in 1991 after 35 yrs. Lee Moorman - NA Raul S. Morales - NA I. Carlene Moran - NA Maria Moran - retired in 1995 from AT&T Ed A. Morbitzer, Jr. - NA David Moreland - laid off from Tyco in 2004, now works for American Eagle Airlines Emma Moreno - NA Josue R. Moreno - retired Rafael Moreno - AT&T S. Yvonne Moreno - NA B.G. "Bob" Morgan - Maintenance, retired after 20 years of service Barbara Morris - Lucent Carolyn Morris - retired after 20 years service Erma Morris - retired in 1995 from AT&T H. Morris - AT&T M. Morris - AT&T Randy Morris - AT&T Robert Paul "Bob" Morris - decd-2012 Scott Morris - Lucent Rick J. Morrison - started with WE in 1970 KC Works, came to Dallas in 1989 & went through all the company update from Product Management for AT&T, Lucent, Tyco, Lineage, GE Power, ABB & now AcBel.NA Wanda Morrison - decd-2006, Lucent, production inspector, 29 yrs. service Carl Morrow (decd-2018) - receiving dock, retired in 1995 from AT&T Merle M. Morrow - NA Roy Morrow - AT&T Della Morse - Lucent Kaivon Mortazavi - Lucent Karen Mortazavi - NA Barbara Morton - NA Bob Morton - AT&T Leo Morton - NA Jack Mory - Lucent Alice Davis-Moss - worked at WE/ATT/Lucent for 23 yrs., Machine Setter in Circuit Packs Bessie Moten - retired in 1995 from AT&T Gene Mowery - retired in 1986 after 29 yrs. of service W.M. "Bill" Mowery - NA Jean Moy - retired in 1996 from AT&T Judy Mroz - Supplier QA, retired in 2008, currently lives in Crawford, TX Michael Muensterman - Lucent Ronald Mullens - NA Ronnie R. Mullins - retired in 1996 Murali Mummoorthi - Lucent +Leroy Mungai (decd-2017) - (1971-1986), Section Chief, Field Repair Juan M. Munoz - AT&T Power Systems, Lucent, Tyco, currently with Lineage Power M. Murdock - AT&T Jesse Murillo - lives in El Paso TX +Debra I. Murphy - 1973-2002, lives in Rockwall, works at Royse City ISD John H. Murphy (decd-2015) - supervisor Sally Murphy - worked at AT&T from 1988 to 1992 Judy Murray - retired in 1996 from AT&T A.E. Tony Musa - NA Matt E. Myers - NA N TOP R.L. "Bob" Naberhaus (decd-2012) Michael Naglich - Lucent Bhasy Nair - NA Donnie Nairn - NA Linda J. Craft Nance - NA Erika Nannis - NA Joel Nannis - NA Tom Napper - NA Leon G. Nash - Lucent Charlie Navatta - retired in 1989 after 33 years service Teresa Thompson Navra - WE, AT&T, Lucent, Tyco, Lineage Power, still working at Lineage Power HQ in Plano, TX as an admin - will have 31 years on 03/19/10 Sue Neal - NA John Neely - Lucent Bob Nelson (decd-1997) Bruce Nelson - 22 years service, running own business-Inside & Out Home Restoration & Lawncare Don Nelson (decd-2005) - Industrial Engineer Ellen L. Nelson - worked for WE, AT&T, and Lucent James A. Nelson (decd-2020) - software engineer John Nelson (decd-1985) Kathy Nelson - retired from Lucent June 2002 L. Nelson - AT&T Rollie L. Nelson - NA Don Nemec - NA Joe Nemlaha - NA Robert Nersesian - (decd-2004) retired from AT&T David Nesmith - worked at Dallas Works twice and went through 2 layoffs, 7 years in all, worked in Cable Forming, Canned Apparatus, and RSS-PUC, started in 79 laid off in 82 and 87. Dale Nessman (decd-2003) retired from AT&T in 1986 after 32 yrs. Harry Nessman (decd-2009) - cable shop Peggy Nessman - retired in 1995 from AT&T Paul Nessman - Lucent Andrew Nester (decd-2020) - AT&T Engineer, retired in 1988 Ben E. Newell - NA Paul R. Newell - NA Larry Newhouse - AT&T/Lucent Patrick Ng - NA Paul Sui Fung Ng - Lucent A.K. Tony Nguyen - NA An B. Nguyen - Lucent Dana N. Nguyen - NA Hiep D. Nguyen - NA H. Van Nguyen - NA Huyen Nguyen - Lucent Kauhn Nguyen - AT&T Kenny Nguyen - Lucent L.T. Le Nguyen - NA P.K. David Nguyen - NA Quang Nguyen - Lucent S. Nguyen - AT&T Thach Nguyen - NA Tuan M. Nguyen - NA Thuy Nguyen - Lucent Van Nguyen - NA Nikolay Nikolov - Lucent Louis Nivens - NA Lillian Niwagaba - NA Bobby Nix (decd-2010) - retired in 2001 Charlie Nix - Lucent, Recycling Analyst, 20 years service Pat Nix - retired in 2001 Peggy Nix - NA Jimmy Nixon (decd-2007) - retired from Lucent in 2000 with 30 yrs. Theresa Harris Nixon - 22 years of service with Lucent Allen L. Nolan (decd-2012) - engineer, retired in 1989 +Ruth Nolan (decd-2017) - Reproduction, Production Control, Purchasing, retired in 1989 W. Noll - AT&T Dana Chadwick Noeske - Smiths Aerospace, Clearwater FL V.D. Norman - NA Elizabeth A. Norris - Engineer at Lucent Jim A. Norris - AT&T Jo Norris (decd-2012)- Financial Dept., retired in 1990 from AT&T after 20 yrs. Nancy Carolyn Speck Norris (decd-2011) W.E. "Bill" Northen - NA Mike Northrup (decd-1997) - General Manager of Dallas Works Elizabeth Norvis - NA Lester Nowlin, Jr. - worked at WE, AT&T, Lucent, Tyco and Lineage Power as an electronic technician Caryn Nuzhet - Lucent O TOP Maureen O'Brien - NA Mike A. O'Brien - Lucent J.W. "Jim" O'Connell (decd-2023) - Section Chief, retired in 1989 from AT&T after 23 yrs. Kathryn O'Cotton - NA Randy O'Rear - NA Richard Obbema - Lucent Peggy Oberkrom (decd-2014) - WE, AT&T, 24 yrs. service +Bryan Odom - AT&T-BMP, Lucent-E System, Tyco-SAP Gary D. Odom (decd-2014) - Lucent Paul J. Offer - Lucent Pawnee W. Ogden - NA Crystal Ogle - WE in 1970, CP, Storeroom, AT&T warehouse for 7 yrs, Stock Shop, retired in 2001 Daniel Ogle (decd-2023) - WE in 1970, Molding Shop, Bell Labs, retired in 2001 Charlie L. Ogletree - Lucent Ruby Oldhouse (decd-1997) Brenda Oliver (decd-2008) - AT&T, Lucent Gary D. Oliver (decd-2023) Mariano Olmos - Lucent Carolyn Olsen - Lucent Terry O. Olson - AT&T Chris Olvera - left in 2001 after 29+ yrs, currently working at an investment firm in Terrell Jessie Olvera - retired in 2001 after 30 yrs. at WALT Jim O'Neil - safety Sharon O'Neil - NA Babatunde Onibudo - Lucent Bill A. Onibudo - NA Geraldine Oper - Lucent Alejandro Ordaz - Lucent John Orem - Lucent A. Ornelas - AT&T Bill J. Orrick - NA Ed Ortan - WE, AT&T/Lucent, Tyco Sam Ortiz (decd-2020) - Lucent Beverly Oscarson - NA Mark S. Ostrom - NA James Oswald - Lucent Mark R. Oswald - NA Ruby Mae Ouldhouse (decd-1995) - retired from WE after 20 years, she was 75th employee hired at The Dallas Works Terri E. Ouldhouse - NA Debbie Overmyer-Cotton - Lucent Kay Overton - promoted to S.C. in the Circuit Pack Department mid-1970's, ultimately promoted to a 4th level management position (Manager) James Shorty Owen - retired in 1994 from AT&T after 18 years service Joe M. Owen (decd-2023) - Lucent, 36 yrs. Margie Owlsley (decd-2015) - AT&T, fork lift operator & supervisor, 25 yrs., retire in 1998 P TOP W.C. "Bill" Padgett - NA Consie V. Paine - NA Jessie Painter (decd-2005) - supervisor, retired after 20 yrs. Lita Pajo (decd-2024) - Accounting Loretta "Lita" Pajo (decd-2024 - Cost Accounting Specialist N.R. Nash Palmer - retired in 1989 from AT&T after 21 years service Fred L. Pan - Lucent Elio Pannella - 1981 WE, 1984 AT&T, 1986 Lucent, 1997-2002 Tyco, now at AboveNet Communications, New York Barry Papermaster - Lucent L. Steve Parrish - NA Lila W. Parker - retired after 18 years service Paulette Parker - NA R.G. "Jerry" Parker - NA Steve Parker - NA Thomas P. Parker - Lucent Steve Parrish - Lucent R. Parry - AT&T Arun K. Pasrija - NA Sanjay Pasrija - Lucent Nancy H. Pate (decd-2022) - AT&T/Lucent, Manager, 29 yrs. service Ashok Patel - Lucent Jayesh R. Patel - Lucent Manoj Patel - Lucent Pravin Patel - Lucent Juanita Patterson - worked at the plant form 1970 to 1983 Patsy Patterson - Circuit Packs Delbria Patton - Lucent Helen Patton - Lucent Bernie Paulsen - retired in 1989 after 28 years service Hazel Pavic - Q.A., retired in 1995 from AT&T Bob K. Payne - NA Charlie Payne - Lucent Dorothy "Mother" Payne (decd-1991)- retired in 1991 after 21 years service, mother of Charlie Payne Jeff Payne - NA Dave C. Paz (decd-2023) - AT&T, Lucent, Senior Systems Programmer, AT&T, 31 yrs. Charles Wayne Peacock - Lucent Billie Gray Peairson (decd-2003) - retired in 1994 after 33 yrs. Jerry Pearson (decd-2016) - retired in 1996 from AT&T Dale G. Pease (decd-2021) Mark Pease - Lucent Zekeah Pease (decd-2005) - retired in 1995 from AT&T John S. Pendergrass - Lucent Brad Penn - AT&T H.P. Harold Penner - retired in 1989 after 13 years service Adrienne Pennington -- WE, Lucent, AT&T Betty Pennington (decd-2019) - layout operator Harold E. Pennington Cathy Perez - Lucent Cecilia P. Perez - retired in 1996 from AT&T Juan Perez - Lucent Don C. Perrin - NA Art M. Peters - NA John Peters - Lucent Doris P. Peterson - retired in 1995 from AT&T after 25 years service Lee D. Peterson - retired in 1996 from AT&T Pete Peterson (decd-2014) - retired in 1996 from AT&T after 30 yrs. Donna Pettis - Lucent Doris Pettrone (decd-2021) - WE/AT&T, manager, retired Norma Petty - retired in 1996 from AT&T Hop Phan - Lucent J. Donnie Phelps - NA Albert A. Phillips - retired from Lucent in 2000 with 29 yrs & 9 mos. Al Phillips - NA Bill E. Phillips - NA Michael Phillips - Lucent Gabe Pietromonoco - NA Ray W. Pilukaitis - Lucent Jack Pines (decd-2014) - retired from AT&T after 31 yrs. Sally Pines (decd-2015) - worked in Material Mgmt John A. Pirkle (decd-1998) Dale Pixler - Lucent Randy W. Pixler - Lucent Ben Platt - supervisor from 1976 to 1983 Harry Ploehn (decd-2016) - AT&T, engineer Janie Poe - retired V. Poe - AT&T Corma Pogue - retired in 1989 after 19 years service, lives in Alba,TX Catina Tina Polege - Lucent Claudette G. Polege (decd-2006)- Q.A., retired after 30 yrs. Rhonda Polk - Lucent Dennis Pollock - retired in 1999 (30 years) William Pope - worked for AT&T / Lucent / Tyco from 1995 to 2001 Odis Porier (decd-2020) - Frame test, retired in 1996 M. C. Maria Porras - retired in 1990 from AT&T after 22 years service Ruth Portalatin (decd-2012) - Q.A., retired in 1995 from AT&T after 28 yrs. Jean Posey - NA Eddie D. Poston - live in Dallas & have worked for Central Market since May 2002 Hemanth V. Potluri - Lucent Thomas W. Potts - Lucent Betty Powell (decd-1999) Nan Powell (decd-1999) - retired in 1990 S. Powell - AT&T Trichita Powell - NA Alice Prather - Lucent Kelly Pray - Lucent Frank Prestia - NA Rich Preziotti - Lucent Brian Price - Lucent Janet Price (decd-2016) - Purchasing Peggy L. Price - Lineage Power, Product Manager Marcus Prince - Lucent Randy Principe - NA Mary Helen Pruitt (decd-2011) - retired from Lucent Sandy Pryor - teller at Wetex Credit Union Thelma Ables Pugh (decd-2022) - AT&T, cables Dennis Puhalski - retired in 1996 from AT&T +Stephanie Puljack - 1993-1997, Power Supplies BU, Cables, & DC/DC BU Conrad Pyrek - NA Q TOP John Quinlan (decd-2023) - WE in 1955, AT&T, retired in 1986 Prissy Quinn - retired in 1996, currently working for American Electronic Components, Inc David Quinones - NA Ada Quintanilla - Lucent Rene Quintero - Lucent R TOP Robert P. Racile - Lucent Don Rackley - service 1985-2001, now works for Fujitsu Network Communications as Director of Manufacturing, lives in Heath, TX Carolyn Rackley - WE Plant from 1973 to 1988, retired to Salisbury North Carolina Joseph Radecki - Lucent Barbara P. Radney (decd-2024) - WE, AT&T,retired in 1996 W. Ragle - AT&T Kerry (Rodriguez) Ragsdill - WE in 1977, Tyco 2001, worked on receiving dock & storeroom. Doris Raines - retired in 1995 from AT&T +Joseph F. Rajczyk - Lucent Dallas Works 1989-1993 Ram Ramabhadran - Lucent Felix Ramirez - retired in 1995 from AT&T Juan G. Ramirez - Lucent M. Ramirez - AT&T Sam Ramirez - Lucent Nell Ramon - Lucent A. Ramos - AT&T Carole Ramsey - retired in 2000 after 15 years service Lula Norris Ramsey (decd-2014) - AT&T Peggy Ramsey - retired in 1995 from AT&T after 25 years service Ray A. Ramsey (decd-2006)- worked for Lucent 6 years Dorothy Randel - NA Annette Randell - Lucent Ronnie Randle - WE, AT&T, 1976-89 L.C. Randolph - Lucent R. Ransom - AT&T L. Ranson - Lucent Barry Ratcliffe - WE, AT&T, Lucent, Tyco, left in Oct. of 2002 Lauri K. Ingram Ratcliffe - WE, AT&T, Lucent, Tyco, Lineage Power, GE, 32 years to date Mary Lou Rawlinson (decd-2016) - WE, AT&T, Lucent, 20 yrs. service, 1970-91 ret, wiring & section cheif Debra (Wise) Rawls - OLS,AT&T/Lucent/Tyco, 1990-2001 Jamar Ray - Lucent Carolyn Ream - Lucent Don Rearick - NA Melinda Rector - worked in BMP division Applications Engineering Dept until sale of Division to Tyco after the BMP-AE group moved to Richardson office bldg, after Tyco took over, I left to begin work with ASSET InterTech 's Development Group in Richardson, TX, currently still with ASSET InterTech, now working for the Support AE department Raghothama Reddy - Lucent Norma Redeau - NA Bonita Thorne Reed Twila Reed (decd-2018) - AT&T Rex Reece - NA Richard Reed - Lucent M. Reeves - AT&T Willie J. Reese (decd-2007) - Lucent Eddie L. Reeve - NA Steve M. Reeve - NA Jolene Reeves - QR, retired in 1989, did research studies for several different universities R.F. "Bob" Reeves - NA Tommy Reeves (decd-2010)- Supervisor, retired in 1986 Al Reichl - Lucent Colleen Reid - Secretary to E. A. Robertson (Gen.Mgr in 80's) Will W. Reifein - retired in 1996, m. Helen Macicek (now dec.) Tom Relling - retired in 1996 from AT&T G.A. Rempher (decd-1997) Linda Rendrow - Lucent Ray Rene - Lucent Stuart Renes - AT&T, left in 1989, currently working for EDS in Plano, TX Donna T. Reynal - Lucent Earlene A. Reynolds (decd-2019) - Financial Dept., Incoming Inspection, retired 2001 after 31 years, manages a private fishing & hunting club in the Pittsburg, TX area. Stephen Reynolds (decd-2012)- Repair & Return, retired 2001 after 30 yrs. service +T. Craig Reynold - AT&T Teletype on-site tech from 1984-1987, 36 yrs. still working for AT&T Jaime de la Reza - Lucent Lena Rice - Lucent Belva J. Rich - retired in 1996 from AT&T Marj Rich - ISD Director, Dallas, Richmond, New River in 80's Betty Richardson (see Betty Richardson Dupree) Carol Richardson - NA Jimmie "Jim" Richardson - 1973, Teletype/WE in Little Rock, ARK; 1984, transferred to AT&T Shreveport Works; 1993, transferred to AT&T Dallas Works; 2009, RIF'd.; 2011, returned Wincie K. Ridley - retired in 1995 from AT&T after 23 years service Darrel G. Rigdon - NA Daryl Rigdon - AT&T Loveita Rigdon - (decd-2013) - AT&T Marty Rimbey - worked at Dallas Works from 1978-2004, started with WE in Columbus in 1969, transferred to Dallas in 1978, retired in 2004 Leroy Rippy (decd-2003) - 27 years of service Shirley Rippy - see Shirley Rippy Kennemer Brenda Rivas - service 1970-2000 +Jaime "Rey" Rivera (decd-2017) - Packing Jesse C. Rivera - Cedar Creek Lake TX John Rivera - NA Juan C. Rivera (decd-2022) - WE, Lucent, 1969-2001 Dona Roach - retired in 1996 from AT&T, Wills Point TX Paul Robb - Lucent Joe W. Robbins - NA Chris B. Roberts (decd-2013) - maintenance supervisor Michael R. Roberts - Lucent Robby E. Roberts - NA W.G. "Bill" Roberts - Lucent Amanda Roberson - retired in 1995 from AT&T Deborah Robertson - retired in 1995 from AT&T Ed A. Robertson - General Manager, retired in 80's from AT&T Saen Robertson - NA B. Robinson - AT&T Cliff C. Robinson - NA Dixie A. Robinson - NA Jesse Robinson (decd-2004) Johnny Robinson - WE, AT&T, Lucent, Tyco Ruby J. Robinson (decd-2019) - AT&T, Lucent, 21+ yrs. +Sharon Robinson - (decd-2017) - Lucent, DC/DC Shop Marina Rocha - Lucent Beth Rockwell - Lucent Antonio Rodriguez (decd-2021) John Rodriguez - AT&T Otilia Rodriguez - Lucent Armando Rodriguez, Jr. (decd-2008) - Lucent Cathy Rodriguez - Lucent Joaquin Rodriguez - NA Mary Rodriguez - secretary, now DISD Nancy Rodriguez - Lucent O. Rodriguez - AT&T Ricardo Alan Rodriguez - Lucent Sena Rodriguez - Lucent Teresa Rodriguez - Lucent Ernie E. Roe - retired in 1996 from AT&T Opel S. Roe - retired in 1996 from AT&T Al Roelofs - NA Glenn Roemer - Lucent Robert Roessier - AT&T Bell Labs, Lucent, Tyco, Tyco Electronics Power Systems, Gores Group Lineage Power, GE (GE Energy, GE Industrial Solutions), ABB.... +Amos Rogers - 11 yrs. with AT&T/Lucent, 8 yrs. at Dallas Works, 3 yrs. in Denver, CO Bob Rogers - NA C.B. Rogers - retired in 1989 from AT&T after 19 years service Steve Rogers - NA V. Rogers - AT&T Ricky R. Roland - NA Patty Case Rolison - NA Terry Rollison - back living in Roanoke Va Paul B. Romaniuk - Lucent Guadalupe Romero - Lucent Don Rose - Lucent Dave Rosenbluth - Lucent Denise Dugas Rosenbluth - Lucent Carolyn M. Ross - Lucent Julia Ross (decd-2013) - Lucent, DC/DC shop Kathy Ross - Lucent Russell L. Ross - Lucent Dave Rostochil (decd-2014) - WE, CPs, retired in 1996 (OKC) Suze Rostochil - WE, Circuit Packs, retired in 1997 (OKC) Ernest Roussell, Jr. - Lucent Allen F. Rozman (decd-2012) - started in 1989 Lucinda Ruch - WE, ISD, & Data Center D. Rucker - AT&T Jeff C. Ruff - NA Adolfo Ruiz (decd-1994)- maintenance H. Ruiz - AT&T Lydia P. Ruiz (decd-2016) Rey Ruiz - NA J. Runels - AT&T Daryl G. Rupp - NA Lynn Rupp - NA Kerry Rush - NA Gary F. Russell - NA W. Judd Russell - retired in 1996 from AT&T L. Ruth - AT&T Jean Rutledge - Lucent Arthur Rutter - Lucent George D. Ruzek - NA S TOP Saeed S. Saatchi - NA Hugo Sabatini (decd-2015) - worked at WE for 50 yrs. Duane Sadler (decd-2006) - retired in 1990 from AT&T after 20 years service A. Doug Sager - NA Parampal Saghera - Lucent Amanda Mayfield Saling (decd-2018) - Account Payable P. Salazar - AT&T O. Salinas - AT&T Ernesto "Ernie" Salinas - NA Olivia Salinas - Lucent Herb Salmons (dec-2023) - Layout in Stock Shop Elizabeth Birdow Sam (decd-2018) - AT&T, BMP Pat Samons - retired in 1991 from AT&T after 21 years service Ash Sampath - Lucent Luis Samper - retired in 1995 from AT&T Nieves Samper - retired with 31 yrs. service, lives in Pembroke FL Paul Sampson - Lucent Edgar Sanchez - Lucent Mark Sanchez - Lucent Andy T. Sandage - NA Scott Sanders - Lucent Tommy Sanders - AT&T Debi Sankey - WE, AT&T, Lucent, Tyco, 1972-2002 Marsha Sasser - Exec. Secretary Wendy Savage - Lucent Sally Savino - worked at AT&T, Lucent and Tyco until 2002 Vito Savino - Lucent Sondra Scarber - retired in 1995 from AT&T after 24 years service Connie Scarce - retired in 1996 from AT&T John Schabel - NA Kenneth H. Scharfe - Lucent John Everett Schenck (decd) Billie Schindler - retired in 1995 from AT&T Don F. Schmidt - Lucent John Schooley - AT&T Curtis Schultz - Lucent Lana Chriss Schulze (decd) - 1977 to 80s, 947 Connectors Walt Schwagerman - Lucent Albert R. Schwartz (decd - Senior Engineer Steve N. Schwartz - Lucent Tony Scocca - Lucent A.J. Tony Scocca - Lucent Nancy Scocca - NA Donald Scoggin - Lucent (1993-1997) Fred Scott - security and HR 1970-1996, retired Leonard Scott - Lucent Roy R. Scott (decd-2008)- WE, AT&T, Lucent, Tyco, Q.A. Auditor Sandi L. Scott - NA W.S. "Bill" Scott - NA Linda Scrimshire - retired in 1990 from AT&T after 19 years service Lewis Seay - AT&T Barbara A. Seelye - retired in 1996 from AT&T Gianfranco Segala - Lucent Debbie G. Seiler - NA Mark Seiler (decd-2023) - AT&T, Lucent, 30 yrs. Chet F. Sek (decd-2011) - retired in 1996 from AT&T Rita A. Sek - retired in 1996 from AT&T Michael J. Self - Q.A., Bell Labs, Lucent Frank Sellers - AT&T Melvin H. Sellers - retired in 1996 from AT&T Steve L. Sepan - Q.A. +Owirodu Seth - AT&T, Lucent, Tyco, 1984-2002, Engineer Joan E. Sexton - Lucent Betty H. Shafer - NA Doris Shaffer - NA Doris Shankle (decd-2009) - Tyco, 40 yrs. of service Debra Shannon - Lucent Ryan Sharkey - Lucent Satya P Sharma - retired in 1995 from AT&T Debbie Sharp - NA Dana Ann Shaw (decd-2023) Seibern Shaw - AT&T +Gary Shayler - 1966-1991, Tyler Jr. College professor now Roberta A. Sheffield Bettye W. Shelton G. Shelton - AT&T J.R. Shelton - Lucent +Stan Shelton (decd-2015) - electrical tech 1974, VP in Sales at retirement in 2005 Glenville A. Shepherd - Lucent Clifford Shew (decd-2003) AT&T, died March 28, 2003 Pat Shewmake - AT&T Steve A. Shewmake - NA Darryl C. Shields - NA Y.T. Shih - Lucent Teresa Shindoll - Lucent Kay Shipley - worked in Purchasing/Finance, retired, teaches school in Wichita Falls, TX Larry Z. Shipman - Supervisor of Security, retired from WE/AT&T/Lucent at the end of 2000 with 31 years of service, lives in Mesquite, wife (decd) R. Shipman - AT&T Sally M. Shoemaker (decd-2011) - retired in 1996 from AT&T Ali Shoja - Lucent Carmen Shortino - Lucent Brenda Shurtleff - retired from Lucent in 1997, living in the Piney Woods in East Texas Rusty Shurtleff - retired from Lucent in 1996, retired from IBM in 2002, living in the Piney Woods in East Texas. Tanya L. Siegfried Karen Sigler - Lucent, works for Tyco Patsy Sigman - retired in 1990 from AT&T after 19 years service Greg Sikes - Lucent Sallie R. Sillers - Lucent Rick Silvius (decd-2024) - Scheduling Supervisor for AT&T Vinnie Simeone (decd-2009) Damiana Simmons - retired in 1995 from AT&T Gwen Simmons - Canton TX Kenneth D. Simone (decd-2022) - WE, AT&T, Lucent Sally A. Simpson Jim Sims - Section Chief in Circuit Packs Charles Simpson - Q.A. Sally Simpson - NA Subhash Singhal - Lucent Gayland D. Sisk, Jr. (decd-2016) - retired from Lucent/Tyco David Sisson - 1976-2002, now an Interior Horticulturist at Gaylord Texan in Grapevine, retired in 2020 Mike Sitton - worked AT&T/LUCENT 1984-2001, now X-Ray tech Karen S. Slate - NA Ronnie T. Slate - AT&T, Lucent Sarah Slate (decd-2008) - Field Repair, 25 yrs. of service Van Slaton - NA John Slaughter - WE, AT&T, Lucent, & Tyco Patsy S. Smeltzer - NA Connie Smiser (decd-2015) - contract employee in ISD for many years Albert W. Smith (decd-2020) - AT&T Audrey F. Smith - NA B. Smith - AT&T Carl D. Smith - Lucent Charles W. Smith - Lucent Craig Smith - Lucent +Dianna Smith - retried in 2001 Elaine Smith - accounting department Forrest F. Smith - WE, AT&T, Lucent, Tyco, supervisor Garry Smith (decd-2016) - WE Jean Smith - retired in 1995 from AT&T Lindel G. Smith - Frame Tester, Lucent Marie Smith - retired in 1996 from AT&T Pat C. Smith (decd-1999) AT&T, Senior Staff Engineer Patricia D. Smith - Lucent Richard "Dick" Smith (decd-2017) - retired in 1996 from AT&T Shirley Smith - Lucent Tom Smith (decd-2013) - supervisor, retired in 1993 from AT&T after 31 yrs. Turner Smith - Lucent W.J. "Bill" Smith - NA Mike Snyder - AT&T Sales, service 1973-88, retired in 2000, now in Real Estate for Ebby Halliday Y. P. Bunny Soap - retired in 1995 from AT&T Walter D. Soap - Q.A., retired in 1996 +Sonja Somdalh - MTS AT&T Bell Labs, 1/1986-5/1995 Emil G. Sommerlad - Lucent Suresh Soni - Lucent Helen Sonntag - started to work in July of 1970, retired in Dec. of 2001 J. C. Sood - Lucent Marvin Sorey - Lucent Joseph Sotak - Marketing, retired 2008 - living in Chicago Ruth Collard Sotak - BP&A, Notebook Power, OLS, DC/DC, BMP - living in Chicago Joe A. Soto - worked in maintenance from 1979 to 2002 as an construction electrician Marty R. Soules - NA Claudette Sowers - WE, AT&T, Lucent, & Tyco now Lineage Power, Quality Engineer Dan Sowers - 1980-2002 worked for WE, AT&T, Lucent, & Tyco, worked as MEM, Supervisor, Labor Relations Manager Jack A. Sparkes Sharon Sparks - (website, Lucent E-mail List), worked at the Dallas Works from 1971-2001, m. Tim Collinsworth Jack D. Spears - WE OKC Works, WE Dallas Works, ATT, retired in 1987 after 21 years dervice, District Manager-Marketing Information Systems Jerry K. Spears - NA John L. Speidel - Coldwell Banker Apex, Realtors Greg Spencer - NA D. Spencer - AT&T Peggy Spencer (decd-2023) - AT&T +Lynn Daniel Spicola (decd-2017) - retired in 90s, Production Controll Jody Spitz - Lucent P. Spivey - Lucent William Spivey - Vice President of Lucent plant Shirley Palmer Spradlin - retired from AT&T in 1989 after 20 years service, Section Chief 1976-1989. Mitchell Sprowso - Lucent Mary Spurgeon - Lucent Dave Staeheli (decd-2003) Benjamin Staggs - Lucent Roger Stahl (decd-2011) - retired in 1995 from AT&T Joe Stak - NA Janet Staley - Lucent Ann Stalnakers -Lucent John Stanli - Lucent Nora Morgan Stanley (decd-2015) - retired in 1995 from AT&T Lauri Stapp - Lucent Mary Starns (decd-2007) - Lucent Jim Staman (decd-1991) - Sr. Wage Practices Specialist John Stark - retired in 1990 after 20 years service Lucretia Stark (decd-2015) - retired, worked in New and Change Dept. K. Starr - Lucent Glenn Starrett - NA Terry Starrett (female) Terry D. Starrett - NA Velma Starrett (decd-2003) - worked 1970-1984 in Dry Reeds & Sensors Willie N. Starrett (decd-2019) John Steedman - NA Barbara Steel - NA Charles Steel - NA John Steel - Lucent Les D. Steelman - NA Mike C. Steeves - NA John Frank Steele - Lucent E. Stegall - AT&T Cacelia Stein - Lucent Steve Stein - Lucent Sue Stembridge - worked for WE/AT&T (1974-1981), lives in Mesquite, TX Tom M. Stengel - NA Johnson Stephen - AT&T H. Stephens - AT&T Rosalie Lawrence Stephens - Accounting Paul L. Steven - NA Dave L. Stevens (decd-2015) - engineering, Lucent, Lineage Power Jamie R. Stevens - Lucent Gail Stephens - retired in 1995 from AT&T Joe Stevens - retired in 1996 from AT&T E. Stevenson - AT&T C. Stewart - AT&T J.C. Stewart - (decd-2004), retired from Lucent Michael Stidham - worked at Tyco Perry Stigal - Lucent Everett Stigall (decd-2017) - WE, retired in 1980 Ann Marie Stimpson - Lucent Mesquite 1995-1999, WE Omaha 1978-1985, AT&T Burlington 1985-1995 Wanda Stinnett (decd-1993) - Exec. Secretary, retired after +25 years Ed Stinson - Lucent Janet Stolzer - Lucent Art Stone (decd-2009) - retired after 29 years Marian Stone - retired after 21 1/2 years service Sylvia Malone Stone (decd-1998) - AT&T, QR Roger Stonecipher - NA Janie Storey (decd-2001) Margie Storey - NA Debbie Story - AT&T, Lucent Jane Story - NA Gail Stout - Lucent Clarence Stoval (decd-2015) - CAD drafter Beverly Stracener - Lucent Jimmy Stradford (decd-2010) - AT&T Gord Stratford - NA +Litha Stradford (decd-2017) - 20yrs service Dennis L. Strausbaugh - NA Elizabeth M. Strausbaugh (decd-2022) Chuck Strawn - NA Bill A. Strickland - NA Sandra Strickland - retired in 1994 from AT&T Annie Stricklin - Lucent Sheryl Stroud - retired in 1996 from AT&T Jerry W. Strunk - NA Charles Strwan (decd-2021) David Stuart - Q.A. Auditor, lives in Lynn, Arkansas Harold Stuit (decd-1997) Eddie W. Stutzman - Lucent Hari Subramanian - NA Sharon Sugarek - Lucent, Peace Corp in Tursmekistan Brian Sullivan - Lucent Paul T. Sullivan - NA Shirley Sun - NA Pat Surratt - retired in 1990 after 20 1/2 years service Gabe G. Susranyi - NA Doyle E. Sutton (decd-1997) Susan Sutton - Lucent Taeko Sutton - Lucent Randall Swanner - Lucent Glenda Sweeney (decd-2005) - shipping & receiving Mary K. Sweeney - NA Bob Sweet (decd-2000) - retired in 1996 from AT&T Linda Sweet - retired in 1996 from AT&T Garth Sweigard - Lucent Betty Swindall (decd-1996) - Circuit Packs Chris M. Szymanski - retired in 1996 from AT&T T TOP Judy Tabor - molding & plating shop Celfa G. Tamez - NA Jose Tamez - AT&T, Lucent Wen-Chieh Tang - Lucent Rosa Tanguma (decd-2010) J. Garry Tanis - NA Martha Tanner (decd-2015) - retired after 12 yrs. at Lucent Beth Tarpley - Lucent George L. Tarrant - retired in 1989 after 20 years service Deana Tarver - Lucent Terrell Tate - Lucent Millie Tawater - retired in 1995 from AT&T Ann (Dickey) Taylor Harold Taylor - AT&T Nancy U. Taylor (decd) Scott Taylor - Lucent Lyle Teel - retired 2001 after 45 years service Randall E. Teel - NA Jim D. Teeter (decd-2012)- retired in 1996 from AT&T Kenneth E. Teeter (decd-2021) - AT&T, Lucent, Bell Labs, 30yrs. Johnnie Teeter - NA Ed A. Tejado - NA Nellie Tellez - NA Boyd Tenenholz (decd) Mike D. Terry - AT&T, Lucent H.D. Thacker - Lucent Jackie Gerber Tharp - Lucent Beatrice Seay Thomas - NA Carl Thomas - Lucent Galen Thomas - NA John M. Thomas (decd-2018)- AT&T Larry Thomas - AT&T Lawrence Thomas (decd-2012) Lula Hill Thomas (decd-2017) Perry Ray Thomas - Lucent William Thomasson - NA Apryl Thompson - AT&T, Lucent Ira Thompson - NA James "Jim" Thompson - (decd-2003) Karen Thompson - 25 yrs, Mini-Trunk 13 yrs, & ended Frame Wiring in 2001 Teresa Thompson - Lucent, worked for Tyco Wanda Thompson (decd-2013) - Mini-trunks John W. Thorman (decd) Jeff P. Thrasher (decd-2007) - retired after 30 yrs. Wilma Jean Thrasher (decd-2011) - wife of Jeff Thrasher John Tiberio - Lucent Jan Tiemann - AT&T Victoria Tijerina - Lucent Ron Tilton - Lucent John Timm - retired from Lucent in 2000, joined SynQor (laid-off in 2001), joined Varo (laid-off in 2002), joined Raytheon in 2003 Miller Timothy - Lucent Rodger Tincher - AT&T R. Tiolliver - AT&T Mahmut Tokuz - Lucent Hank B. Tolliver (decd-1998), retired after 20 yrs. Ed Toogood - Recruiting Manager, Human Resources, Lucent Don Topley - Lucent Rick Torrence - WE, AT&T, Lucent & Tyco, 25 yrs. of service Tom A. Towery - NA Zita Trahan - retired in 1996 from AT&T Giano D. Tran - NA Hao Tran - AT&T K.C. Tran - NA Nam Tran - Lucent Xep V. Tran - Lucent M. Larry Traweek - Lucent Jack Traylor - NA Don Treadway- AT&T, Lucent John A. Trelford - NA Christorpher Trent - Lucent William D. Trent - AT&T, Lucent Sylvia Trevino (decd-2018) - retired in 1994 from AT&T after 22 yrs. Muoi H. Trieu - Lucent Dang Trinh - Lucent Thomas Trinh - Lucent Vi Trinh - Lucent Timothy Tripp - Lucent J. Trongaard - AT&T John Trotter - W.E., AT&T, Lucent, Tyco, Lineage Power, GE Critical Power-1973 Dave True (decd-2019) - WE, AT&T, Lucent, Tyco, +30 yrs. Diane True - Lucent Gerald True - NA Duc T. Truong - NA T.D. Truong - NA Robert K. Tsai - NA S. Tucker - AT&T Becky Tull - NA Martha Tullis - NA Jim Tullos - retired in 1996 from AT&T Sam Tullos (decd-1998)- WE 1969-1985, Director of Public Relations Clint Tumey - Lucent Gerald Tune - hired in 2/19/79 stayed until plant closure, maintenance David Turkoly - Lucent Nick D. Turkoly - NA Denise A. Turley - Lucent, TEPS from 1998-2005 W.A. "Bill" Turley - NA Bob Turner (decd-2018) - engineer Fannie Turner - WE, AT&T, Lucent, Tyco Gary J. Turner - WE, AT&T, Lucent, Tyco, Lineage 1970- Greg Turner - NA John Turner - retired in 1996 from AT&T Kenneth C. Turner (decd-2020) - AT&T, Lucent, retired from Tyco Maria Turner - NA Richard Turner - NA Robert Turner - NA U TOP George Ulaner - Lucent Gary Uliasz - tester @ Mesquite location, now works for Garland Power & Light Gene Uliasz - Dept. Chief at Pilot Plant, transferred to another plant in 1980, moved back to Texas after retiring Karen Uliasz - hired in 1977 at WE (Mockingbird), came to Mesquite Lucent, left when it was Tyco in 2001, married to Gary Uliasz Suzanne T. Uliasz - NA John Umphress (decd-2007) - Q.A. James N. "Jim" Underwood - Lucent Melissa Underwood - Lucent Scott Urbach - Lucent Dianne Urreta - NA Martha Usrey (decd-2014) - worked at the plant for 25 years before a disability retirement in 1997 V TOP Chad Vadnais - Lucent Vincent Vaillancourt - NA Loyd N. Valentine (decd-2020) - WE, AT&T, Lucent, installer Dan Valdez - NA Hope Valdez (decd-2012) - started at WE, storeroom Severo Valdez - started at WE, storeroom Yolanda Valdez - NA Willbur VanDyne - came to Dallas 1978-1991, back to Columbus 1991-2001, retired with 33 yrs., lives in Florida Bubba VanHoozer - Lucent Gail Humphries VanHoozer - WE 1972-1984, Pulse Transformers +Bubba VanHoozer - WE, AT&T, Lucent, TYCO, Leanage Power, 1973-2008 Steven VanHoozer - Lucent Marvin Vance - Lucent Wang Vang - Lucent Ron VanPelt - Lucent Robert Vanwitzenberg - Lucent Steve Vargo - NA Dwayne A. Vasquez - retired in 1996 from AT&T Charles Vath (decd-1986) - Manager at the OKC Works and was promoted to Dallas Works General Manager, he left Dallas and became General Manager of the Columbus Works and later he became General Manager and Vice President of the Kansas City Works. Charlie died of cancer in Kansas City around 1986. Jeannie Knight Vaughn (decd-2017) John Vaughn - AT&T Roy Vaughn - Lucent Butch A. Vaut - NA Peggy Laza Vaut - Lucent B.R. "Bill" Venable - retired in 1989 after 29 years service Lahoma N. Venable - NA George J. Venner - retired in 1995 from AT&T Adan Verduzco - NA Akash Verma - Lucent Michael A. Vest - Lucent Marty Vesterby - NA Lana Vickers - NA Mark Vickers - Lucent Richard Vickers - NA Greta Villagran - Lucent Keith H. Vincent - Lucent Wilma Vincent - Lucent Virginia T. Vinson (decd-2007) Marisa Violante - Lucent Billy V. Vo - Lucent Pavel Volkov - Lucent Pete G. Volpe - Lucent Bob Vosburgh - Lucent Steve W. Voss - TFSC Engineering Manager 1990-1997 Duong N. Vu - NA Kim Vu - NA Thuy N. Vu - Mechanical Engineer, Process Engineer BMP, NGHP Magnetics, 1996-2000 W TOP James Waddell - WE, AT&T, Lucent, Tyco, retired in 2003 James C. Wadlington - NA S. Wagenhals - AT&T Sue Daugherty Wagner (decd-2015) - retired from AT&T Margaret A. Wainwright - Lucent Wayne Walden - WE, AT&T, Lucent, Tyco, Lineage Power Winnie Braley Waldrop (decd-2017) - WE/AT&T, line supervisor, retired in 1995 Ralf Walk - NA C. Walker - AT&T D. Walker - Lucent Mildred Walker - Lucent Peggy Walker - NA John Wallace - circuit design engineer for AT&T Bell Labs from 1986 until 1995 including 6 years in the Mesquite Factory in board mounted power, left in 1995 for AT&T Wireless, now with International Rectifier Wally Wallace (decd-2000) - retired in 1995 from AT&T Gladys Walls (decd-2008) - Lucent Kathy R. Walsh - NA Jay A. Walters - NA Sharon Walters - NA James Walton - Lucent James C. Wang - NA Thomas Wang - Lucent Bobby R. Ward - NA Hardin Ward, Jr. (decd-2011) - frame tester Maria Ward - retired in 1990 from AT&T after 19 years service Nealon L. Ward - NA Sandy Ward - Lucent Art Warnish - NA Bobby Warnish - NA D. Warren - AT&T Kenneth D. Warren - retired 2000 after 30 years & 3 mo. Peggy Warren - retired in 1995 from AT&T Vaughn Warriner - Lucent Clarence Wash - NA Greg Washington - WE, AT&T, Lucent, Tyco Karim Wassef - Lucent Trent Waterhouse - NA Mary Watkins - NA William A. Watkins - NA Herbert Watson - Lucent Myrna Watson - (decd-2012) S.J. "Inez" Watson (decd-2018) - retired after 22 1/2 yrs. Donna H. Watts - Lucent C. Waugh - AT&T Tami Wayboer - Lucent/Tyco 1998-2007, moved back to Maine, working for IDEXX Laboratories Gail Waziak - retired in 1996 from AT&T Ken Weatherford - Plant Manager F. Rene Weaver - Lucent John R. Weaver - retired after 10 years service Carolyn Webb - Lucent Darrell Webb - Lucent Ellis W. Webb (decd-2012) - AT&T, left Tyco in 2001, Tetra Pak Inc. Robert Webb - Lucent Shirley B. Webb - started at WE (Pilot Plant), AT&T, Lucent (retired) W. Wayne Webb - 1978 WE, AT&T, Lucent, Tyco 2001 Test Engineer William Webb - NA Ed Weber - Lucent Mike Weber - retired in 1996 from AT&T Dan E. Webster - NA Deborah D. Webster - Lucent Frank Webster - Lucent Mike Weeks - Lucent Huai Wei - Lucent Karen Welch - Lucent W. Wellman - AT&T Dale Wells - W.E. Frances Louise "Lou" Wells (decd-2003) - started at W.E. in 1969, Frame Shop, Molding, Q.R. J. Wells - AT&T Larry Wells - retired in 1996 from AT&T Lawrence Wells - NA Mark A. Wells - Calibration, AT&T, Lucent, Tyco, Frys Bo Welter (decd-2006) - WE, At&T, Lucent Charlene Welter (decd) Tom W. Wenz - NA Paul L. Werner - Lucent Brenda Wesson - Lucent Greg West - retired in 1996 from AT&T Kevin West - NA Larry West - NA W. Westbrook - AT&T J.D. David Weston - Frame Tester, now working for Flextronics in Plano. Judy K. Weyrauch - NA Pete Weyrens (decd-1998) Todd Wheeldon - Lucent Linda Wheeler - NA Ricky Wheeler (decd-2009) Roy Wheeler - AT&T Michael R. Wheeley - Lucent Dick White - NA Ed White - AT&T Gerald White (decd-2017) - AT&T, supervisor in materials management Jim White - Lucent Peggie White (decd-2023)) - Lucent Richard White (decd-2019)- retired in 1990 from AT&T Robert "Bob" V. White - worked in Mesquite from 1993 to 1996, started as a MTS doing system engineering for new products for computing/datacomm markets and ended up as Technical Manager over a Systems & Applications Engineering Group (part of Bell Labs) Virginia White (decd-1998) I. Whiteaker - AT&T Dave F. Whitehead - NA Ferol Whitfield - retired in 1995 from AT&T Debra A. Whitney - Lucent Holland Whitney (decd-2005) - AT&T Jackie Whitt (decd-2017) - retired in 1990 from AT&T/Lucent after 19 yrs. Alan D. Wickberg - Lucent Carolyn Wicks - Circuit Packs Bruce N. Widaseck (decd-2007) David Wigton - Lucent Ron Wilcher - NA Richard Wilder - NA Carl Wildrick - Lucent Douglas C. Wilkins - Lucent Matthew A. Wilkowski - Lucent Betty L. Williams - retired in 1995 from AT&T after 24 years service Hal Williams - worked 40 yrs. as toolmaker, now at Lineage Jim L. Williams - NA Joe Williams (decd-2020) - WE/AT&T, Purchasing Karen Harris Williams - was Karen Harris while at Dallas Works 1994-96 Larry Jerome Williams - Lucent O'Kelley Williams - retired in 1995 from AT&T Pearl W. Williams - NA Robert Williams - NA Roger Williams (decd-2022) - WE, AT&T, Lucent, 30 years Sally Williams - Lucent Shirley Williams - retired in 1995 from AT&T Shirley G. Williams - retired in 2001 from Lucent Stacey Williams Sue Williams - started work in the Chem Lab at WE in 1979, PROCAT line, retired in 1996 from AT&T Teresa Williams - Lucent Vivian J. Williams (decd-2020) - WE E. Willis - AT&T Wayne Willis (decd-2009) - retired in 1989 from AT&T after 27 years service Ken Williscraft - AT&T Dale Wilson - NA Herma Walls Wilson (decd-2020) - Lucent Joyce Wilson - NA L. Sue Wilson - NA Paul Wilson (decd-2021) - Senior Staff Engineer, retired in 1996 Pat Wilson - Lucent Ronney Wilson - Lucent Thomas G. Wilson, Jr. - President of Simplis Technologies Vicky Wilson - Lucent Wanda Wilson (decd-2015) W. Windham - AT&T W. Durand Wine - NA Danny Winget - started in 1977 with WE, AT&T, Lucent, Tyco, Lineage Power, GE and currently with ABB Mark Winner - Lucent Julie Winstead - Lucent Darin Winterton - lives in CA Aurelius Wiora (decd-2013 Shannon Wiser - Lucent Jim M. Witt - NA Robert Van Witzenburg - NA Billy Wolf - NA Karl E. Wolf - NA Ray Wolverton - Circuit Packs Danny Won - retired in 1996 from AT&T Don Wood - NA Helen Wood - 27+ years at the Dallas Works Nellie Wood - retired in 1990 from AT&T after 20 years service Jerry Woodberry - AT&T Chad Woods - NA Dennis Woods - WE, AT&T, Lucent, & then Tyco, 1973-2002 (Ferrod sensors, Energy Systems, RSS, Next Generation) Don Woods ((decd-2018) Virginia B. Woods - NA Alice Woodward - (decd-2006), AT&T, Lucent Esther Woody - Lucent J.G. Nita Worsham - NA Ted Wozniak - retired in 1989 from AT&T after 32 years service Marvin Wrich - started at Dallas Works in 1984 & left in 2002 Ora Lee Wright (decd-2007), AT&T Richard Wright - Lucent S. Wright - AT&T Tommy Wright - AT&T Jocelyn Wrighting David Wu - Lucent Thomas C. Wu - NA Steve Wurmlinger - NA Marianne F. Wyman - teacher in the Gwinnett County Public Shool system outside of Atlanta, Georgia Charles Wynn - WE, AT&T, Lucent, Tyco Hamp Wynn - started at the Dallas Service Center in 1971, then worked at Mesquite 1984-2001 Susan Wynne - Lucent Gene Wyrostka - QA X TOP Y TOP Padmaja Yadlapalli (decd-2015) Roland A. Yabut - NA Debra Yager-Perez - NA Zaohong Yang - Lucent Zhong Ye - Lucent Rick Yeager - retired from Lucent Dec. 2000 and now works for TEPS. Otis Ray Yeater (decd-2020) Bill Yeates (decd-2018) - manager, Matamoros Chavonne Yee - retired in 1996 from AT&T Bobby Yen (decd-2016) - WE, engineering department chief Jane Yniguez - retired in 1996 from AT&T Rich A. Yonick (decd-2009) - 38 years of service with AT&T, Q.A. David York (decd-2022) - Lucent Janice C. York - NA Barney Younce - WE, AT&T, Lucent, Tyco - 1981 to 2001, Electronics Tech, now living in Richmond, VA Barbara Yound - NA Chris Morrow Young - Lucent Ernestine Young - retired in 1990 from AT&T after 19 years service Johnette Young - Lucent Paula I. Young - worked at WE/AT&T/Lucent/Tyco from 1979 until 2008 Bobbi G. Young - NA Robert Young - NA Roland Young - Lucent Tom Younger (decd-2012), WE, AT&T, management Crystal C. Yu - Lucent Z TOP Ted Zajak (decd-2003)- Genesis, Lucent Daniel Zamora - Lucent Jose Zamora - Lucent Pradhuman S. Zaveri - Lucent John Zelesny - Lucent Pete Zeller - NA Mike Zelsmann - Lucent Shari Zenick - NA Isha Zeno - NA David Zhang - NA Joanne C. Zhang - Lucent Dave Ziegler Karin L. Zima - NA Terri Love Zinser - NA Russell Ziprik - Lucent Theresa Ziprik - Lucent Harold Zumwalt - worked in maintenance AT&T at Lee Summitt, Lucent/Tyco in Mesquite, TX, now reside in Rockwall TX Vicky Johnson Zumwalt - WE, AT&T, Lucent, Tyco, 1971-2001 retired John J. Zurawski - NA NOTE: This is an unofficial and incomplete list.